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10 Reasons Why a Bigger Penis Will Make You Happier

by Ken McBride

A well-endowed penis has long been equated as a symbol of manhood, power, and accomplishment since time immemorial.

Men with sizable members have been seen as robust and virile, making them ideal mates as opposed to men who aren’t as well-endowed.

It’s not surprising that men who believe their dicks are too small think that just a few more inches will change their lives completely.

But what exactly makes a penis big or small?

On average, a fully-erect penis ranges from 5 to 6 inches, although it must be noted that results vary widely across studies. An average flaccid penis, on the other hand, varies somewhere between 3.5 to 4 inches.

Therefore, if your manhood goes below those figures and you’re past the age of 18, your size is as big as it’s gonna get.

Why are some men less-endowed than others?

Plenty of factors may lead to a smaller penis, such as environmental factors like genetics.

Some 2% of men are born with a micropenis–that is, a penis that can only go as long as 2.8 inches when fully erect.

Therefore, you’re not alone wishing you had a bigger, thicker penis.

But does having a bigger penis equate to a happier you? The answer is most likely yes. Here are 10 reasons why.

Improved confidence and swagger

10 Reasons Why a Bigger Penis Will Make You Happier

Most men who are not as well-endowed notice it first when they watch pornography, or when changing in the locker room with other men. It’s a source of stress and anxiety for men early on, especially when feelings of inadequacy begin to emerge.

Such feelings of inadequacy can lead to a full-blown inferiority complex, which can also lead to an aversion to taking risks. Worse, such complexes can bleed through a person’s life, diminishing performance and confidence altogether.

Well-endowed men almost never go through the same travails as men with smaller penises tend to. In fact, the former group tends to be more confident, more sociable, and therefore possess better leadership traits.

Men with bigger penises tend to live more fulfilling social lives

Men with smaller penises tend to be timid and reserved when it comes to meeting new people. And as we all know, it’s infinitely more difficult to make friends and influence people–much less attract a partner–when you interact less with them.

This is in stark contrast to men with bigger endowments, who tend to pursue their interests without a second thought, leading to better overall relationships.

10 Reasons Why a Bigger Penis Will Make You Happier

Larger men are more favored for leadership positions

It’s already established that a smaller penis may lead to a lower sense of self-worth across all aspects of a person’s life. This includes work. Anxiety and stress caused by feelings of inadequacy may lead to worse performance (and therefore lesser chances for promotion). 

It’s much easier for more confident and better-endowed men to move up the corporate ladder due to their more sociable, outgoing tendencies. Not surprisingly, this leads to them being favored for positions that require confidence and leadership.

More satisfying sex life

Men with smaller penises may not pursue sexual conquests as men with bigger penises might. Often, the former let such opportunities pass by due to feelings of inferiority or the lack of confidence. Much of it is due to the fear of being rejected by the opposite sex for having a small penis, as well as the fear of being humiliated by their partner.

On the other hand, men with bigger penises appear to be naturally more adept performers in bed, leading to more frequent sexual engagements. That’s a good thing, not a bad thing.

Enjoy better, steamier, hotter sex

Smaller-endowed men often view sex as something not to look forward to due to feelings of anxiety and stress they tend to associate with it. The fear of being humiliated for having a smaller dick may lead to poor sexual performance, premature ejaculation, or outright erectile dysfunction. All this leads to is a lack of sexual partners and fewer opportunities for engaging and vigorous sexual action.

Men with bigger penises tend to be promoted in a good way by their sexual partners, leading to more engagements between the sheets. Also, men with bigger penises are more likely to engage in kinky sex and filming, while men who aren’t tend to turn off the lights when they make love.

Bigger men are likelier to marry

Men with smaller penises may not be seen as a “keeper” by their partners, particularly when they are missing the thrill of sex in their relationships. That said, lesser-endowed men may struggle to create relationships that may end up in marriage. On the other hand, men with bigger penises tend to satisfy their partners more, which may create more opportunities to get hitched.

Feel more comfortable naked

Larger men tend to have fewer reservations about getting naked. That makes for more confidence to engage in sexual activity, flirt, lounge around the house, and an overall sense of being manlier. A smaller man might be more timid and cheeky when it comes to stripping down to his birthday suit for reasons we already know. Worse, if their partner reacts unfavorably, the damage that can be done to the man’s confidence may be absolutely crushing.

Less frequent anxiety attacks and mood swings

All things considered, smaller men who feel inadequacy may experience it across all aspects of their life. It could affect their career, their friendships, relationships, and life in general. Who can operate with such a long black cloud of inadequacy hovering over themselves constantly? Granted, not all lesser-endowed men experience this, but they do have a predilection towards experiencing greater social anxiety, leading to mood swings and depression.

Well-endowed men are generally more fulfilled persons, with more satisfying hobbies and relationships that bode well for greater mental and overall health. Like inadequacy, confidence and satisfaction can lead to a knock-on effect on all aspects of a person’s life.

Bigger men are more oriented towards their goals

The lack of confidence may lead to smaller men losing interest in pursuing their life goals. A lack of motivation may also translate into the inability to set goals for one’s self, especially as men pile on the years. This can also lead to a devastating loss of self-worth. 

Larger men tend to have confidence in spades, which translates to their professional life. Goals become problems to be solved, and therefore to be rewarded with a taste of success and prosperity.

Better sexual reputation

Smaller men may be targeted by their sexual partners, and rumors travel through the grapevine real fast. Rumors can be devastating when they reach the workplace, friends, family, and even random people who feel the need to talk about someone else’s endowment. Not surprisingly, this can lead to unhealthy paranoid thoughts that contribute to mood swings and anxiety.

10 Reasons Why a Bigger Penis Will Make You Happier

Men with bigger penises are typically seen as trustworthy, confident, and outgoing – even between the sheets. This leads to “referrals” that could lead to other potential sexual partners.

The cons of having a bigger penis

Granted, the examples we provided are more based on generalizations. Not all lesser-endowed men have crippling anxiety and depression. In fact, many of them may be more confident, have a strong social support system, and have proven they can rise above the ranks and become leaders themselves, and be just as happy and satisfied as the next person. 

The fact is, having a massive dong isn’t always as beneficial as some individuals totally fixated on penis size think. Extremely large penises can cause injury or harm to their partner, and therefore require greater amounts of lube to satisfy.

Furthermore, men with extremely massive organs don’t engage in as much sex with their partners, due to the threat of bruising, soreness, and pain after frequent action.

As with most men, most smaller-endowed men just wish a little more length to hit the overall average. That’s all it takes for most men who wish their penises were just a little bigger. Also, not all men want a bigger penis, and are fully comfortable in their own skin–don’t believe everything you see in pop culture saying bigger is better.

10 Reasons Why a Bigger Penis Will Make You Happier

But we’ve got good news for men who want just a bit more length to adequately satisfy their partners–just the right amount of length and girth that pleases their partners and hits all the pleasurable nerve endings, while at the same time not being so big that sex becomes a chore for their partners. Learn more how Biomanix can help you achieve your sexual health goals at www.Biomanix.com.

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