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4 Exercises to Speed Up Metabolism for Quicker Weight Loss

by Jonathan Gravel

If you are trying to lose weight, you need to consider your metabolic rate. This is the rate at which your body burns through calories. While reducing calories may make you feel like you are getting less into your body and will, therefore, drop the pounds, if your metabolic rate is sluggish, even this small amount of calories will not be burned. The metabolism rate depends on a number of things including the food you eat and your exercise regime. Starving yourself will slow down your metabolism as you body clings on to calories in starvation mode. However, speeding it up can be done by doing the right exercise, so your body uses the calories, while eating a healthy diet.

 These exercises in particular are great for speeding up metabolism as the combine cardiovascular exercise with strength training. The cardiovascular helps the metabolism to speed up, while the strength builds muscle, which helps you to lose more calories.

 1. Burpees

preview-full-burpeeAs grueling as they are, burpees are an all-around incredible exercise for the body. If you are not familiar with them, they are a particularly harrowing jump and stretch which works out lots of different muscle groups while getting your heart to the point where it is bursting out your chest. You need to start standing up. Then drop down so that your hands are flat on the floor, then you jump your legs out to a plank position. Next jump your feet back up, and jump to a standing position. You repeat this as quickly as you can for 2 minutes before taking a break.

 2. Squat jump

This has a similar feel to a burpee but is a little less gruelling. However, it does give you a strong burn in the things. Start standing., then you lower to a squat position and bring your arms out in front of you. Then jump up and stretch your arms above your head and then you land back in the same squat position.

 3. Metabolic Bike

This is a famous aerobic exercise, but it really boosts the metabolism. Lay on your back with your legs up, bent at the knee. Your lower legs should be parallel to the floor. Place your hands behind your head so your elbows are pointing out. During this exercise, make sure to keep your arms here and not bend the elbows forward. Lift your chest, breathe out, and bring your left leg in as you bring your right arm to greet it. Breathe in and return to center. Then breathe out and bring your left elbow to your right leg. Repeat for two minutes.

 4. Wide Side Punch

preview-full-quarter_squat_jumpsStand with your legs wide, making sure that your toes point forwards. Curl your hands into fists and bring your hands up as though you are going to fight someone. Bend your legs into a ballet squat, and as you stand up, punch the left arm to the right side as hard as you can. Bend and return the arm to the center, and stand and punch your right fist to the left side. Repeat this for 2-3 minutes before resting. The faster and harder you go, the more it increases the metabolic rate.

 If you combine your metabolism training with a supplement like LipoGenix Elite, you will find that the body burns fat at a very quick rate, as it burns through the calories you put into your body. The trick is to find a good balance where you are using up the same amount of energy that you put in the body by fueling it with food.

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