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4 Manly Ways to Get Into the Best Shape of Your Life

by Jonathan Gravel
4 Manly Ways to Get Into the Best Shape of Your Life

You’re the manliest man in the world, right? You eat nails, work out with rhinos, and have the most impressive and diabolically gorgeous girl in the world by your side. You’re the alpha male!

But then you look at your diet, and it looks as weak as a kitten. You eat like a little kid who is living by himself at a candy store. Your diet is so bad that you have no idea how to feed yourself properly. And then your gym routine is shoddy at best, and it makes you look like a monumental loser who just started the gym that same week.

If you’re like this guy, you need some help. Here are 4 impressivley manly ways to get your glutinous maximus into the best shape of your life, and you’ll be able to keep that manly persona intact for good.

Play some competitive sports

Arg! Nothing more manly than roughing up some gentlemen in a rousing game of rugby or football with the lads, right? And while it’s extremely manly, very invigorating and soul-pumping, and worth the time you’re spending away from the wife, it’s also a very effective and efficient way for staying in shape.

These sports involve a lot of active movement and ambitious sidestepping, as well as heavy lifting. This combination is perfect for getting in shape, and it’s basically the same thing you do at the gym anyway, except this is way more fun.

Get a real workout regimen

When you’re as engorged as a sea lion on a McDonald’s binge and out of shape, or just out of shape without necessarily being fat, you need a better workout routine. You may think your little walk session or your pathetic attempt at lifting weights is working, but you need a serious man workout!

Here’s what you can do to get ripped manly, and it’s pretty easy.

Ready? Here it comes…

Work out all of your major muscle groups two times per week. It doesn’t matter how you do it or where to get them in, but that’s the key to getting ripped!

Get a supplement that WORKS!

You need a muscle supplement, kitten. And not just any muscle supplement, the BEST one we’ve ever tried, and we recommend it to all of our guys.

It’s called Nitro Genix 365. You’ll get ripped, sculpted, and sexy in no time. It’s the perfect man supplement!

Get a multi-vitamin for maximum results

Along with building muscle, your body needs special nutrients to get bigger and stronger, and there is plenty of chance that you are not eating right, either.

Try Ultimate Man Once a Day. It’s the most brilliant men’s multi on the market.

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