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4 Ways To Wreck Your Erection

by Jonathan Gravel
4 Ways To Wreck Your Erection

Sexual dysfunction in men is pretty common. As much as we tell girls it is, our cock isn’t actually as strong as Thor. It isn’t immortal, and neither is it invincible. Instead, it’s as human as you and I, and it relies on the right kind of care to make sure that it can get a good erection.

It’s no good blaming your cock when you can’t get a good hard-on. It’s no use blaming your mental state either. Saying to your girl that you can’t get an erection because you’re “depressed” just won’t cut it with a girl who knows better. She knows you’re lying and she knows the real reason why you can’t bone her today. It’s your heart.

You see, erections need good blood flow. If your heart is in a really shoddy state and just isn’t in the right kind of shape for pumping blood to your penis, your boner is gonna suffer. It’s gonna droop and your sex life will go to shit.

As well as a healthy heart, you also need the right balance of testosterone. And, trust us, testosterone isn’t something you want to fuck with. If you fuck with it, it’ll fuck your dick up and your girl will look elsewhere. So let’s have a look at some very useful sex tips for men.


Too much sugar can be disastrous for a good, rock hard erection. It basically sends your testosterone production into the stratosphere, which consequently has dire effects on your ability to get a boner. If you’re a dessert lover who has a cake after every meal, you seriously need to consider cutting it out, otherwise you’re gonna be in the grip of some serious male sexual health problems.

Lack of Sleep

If you get less than 5 hours of sleep a night, your testosterone production plummets by a whopping 10%. If you don’t get enough sleep, all we can say is don’t come to us when your dick is like a piece of rope.

Sleeping Next To Your Baby

Okay, you’ve got a new baby in your life. Your newborn is so darn cute and needy that your partner suggests sleeping in the same room as it for a few nights.

Your testosterone levels disagree. Sleeping next to your adorable new child causes a hormonal shift that lowers your testosterone. It’s nothing to do with lack of sleep, but all to do with those pesky hormones.


Yep, every veggie’s favourite ingredient is a boner killer. It’s a shame really, because it’s so damn tasty. But too much soy a week – which is filled with estrogen-like properties – will kill your erection in no time, bud.

Basically, knowing how to keep your heart and testosterone levels in good shape will help you to improve sexual performance.

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