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4 Wise Tips for Seniors to Improve Balance and Coordination

by Ken McBride
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The senior years are the stages of life where you face various challenges from keeping your body healthy to moving independently and keeping your balance and coordination. As your physical strength starts to diminish, so are your mental and emotional capacities.

Don’t wait for an injury or a broken bone to occur. Start to put more focus on your health and be aware of your body changes while you’re still young and able.

But if you’re already in your golden years and those joints are starting to hurt, it’s still not too late to find ways to maintain robust health and perfect balance and coordination. The following tips are here to guide you.

Eat the right food

As a senior, your diet would be much different from the younger ones. Sure, this is not easy to do when you’re living with your children who also have children who are fond of fizzy drinks or fatty foods. It would always be tempting for you to munch on what they stuff their mouth with.

The key here would be self-restraint or self-control. The more you have to exercise these virtues when you have medical conditions. But if you’re the healthy one, doing extra measures to maintain your health pays off in the long run. Besides, going to the doctor costs more.

Additionally, eating the right food enables you to maintain a healthy weight, making it much easier for you to stay balanced and mobile compared to being overweight.

Before going on with the list of the right food for you, let’s first enumerate the foods you should avoid or eat in moderation:

Foods to Avoid

  • Calories

Calories provide heat for your body to function at its best. But since aging slows down your metabolism, this means you need to consume fewer calories. Consume fewer eggs, chocolates, chicken, pizza, pasta, and grain-based desserts.

  • Caffeine

caffeineGiving up that cup of coffee, surely, is hard because your brain already associates it with pleasure. However, caffeine can cause dehydration. As a senior, your body is sensitive to bodily fluid fluctuations. Once dehydrated, you may feel lightheaded and increase your risk of falls. Caffeine effects can be more harmful when you have diabetes, ulcers, or osteoporosis.

  • Sugary foods

If you want to stay mentally healthy, stay away from sugary foods. One study found a strong link between high sugar intake and mild cognitive impairment.

Foods to Consume Regularly

  • Blueberries

All berries are good for you, but blueberries are simply the best. They’re packed with antioxidants that are good for your immune system and cell health.

  • Tomatoes

These red fruits are packed with lycopene that keeps your prostate and lung in perfect shape.

  • Broccoli

Broccoli contains almost all of the nutrients you need including fiber, vitamins, and antioxidants.

  • Nuts

Whether almond, cashews, macadamia or Brazil nuts, go for them. They’re rich in omega 3s that support your heart health.

  • Fatty fish

Fatty fish is another good source of omega 3s. Two servings a week of mackerel, sardines or salmon are enough to keep your heart healthy.

  • Olive oil

While healthy, it’s also the best alternative for other unhealthy oils.

  • Red wine

If you’re a man, don’t drink more than two drinks a day or one drink if you’re a woman. Red wine is best at lowering bad cholesterol and maintaining healthy blood pressure.

  • Water

Keep yourself hydrated. Otherwise, you’d easily get fatigued or unable to maintain your body’s heat. Dehydration can also cause mild headaches.

Keep yourself active

Most retired seniors lead a sedentary life. Don’t fall into this trap. Failing to move your body often can lead to muscle wasting and bone weakness, which are the main causes of falls and injuries. It’s easier for you to lose balance and coordination when you don’t move your muscles regularly.

Stay active by doing your favorite hobbies like gardening or painting. Participating in community organizations or senior groups can also make you more active.

Maintain a healthy weight

This is probably the best way to improve your balance and coordination. But what is the ideal weight for seniors to stay balanced and coordinated? New findings found that being slightly overweight helps seniors more than being excessively overweight or underweight. While a normal BMI of less than 25 is considered healthy, researchers said that participants with this weight range were slightly less likely to survive over the study period due to weight loss caused by a disease. Whereas, being slightly overweight can be helpful for seniors once they get sick and lose significant weight.

Researchers also found that obese seniors who exercised and lose weight had reduced their risk of cardiovascular disease and showed improvements in mobility.

The bottom line, exercise works best at maintaining a healthy weight and warding off diseases than being dependent on the numbers in the scale.

Exercise regularly

Exercise can be a bit challenging for seniors with medical conditions such as arthritis, heart disease, multiple sclerosis, and others. But don’t let these conditions stop you from moving your body, else, you’d be prone to falls and injuries.

old man at the gymYou need moderate exercise to allow your body to stay mobile, balanced, and coordinated. Walking at least 30 minutes a day would be helpful. If this isn’t possible, moderate balancing exercises might suit you best. You may want to try the flamingo stand, side leg raise, heel raises, and wall pushups.

Tai chi is another great exercise for seniors, which can help you get rid of painful joints while keeping your bones stronger. Try any of these exercises for a more balanced and coordinated you.

Another way to ensure your health as a senior is to take dietary and testosterone boosting supplements. Your slow metabolism prevents your body from absorbing the right amount of nutrients from the food you eat. Hence, dietary supplements are helpful.

Your body’s ability to produce testosterone also declines with age. You need enough amounts of testosterone for your muscle and bone health, which is crucial for your balance and coordination. Again, supplementation is the best choice.

Male UltraCore is the right supplement for you since it’s made from natural ingredients popular for their testosterone boosting properties. This powerful supplement has also been used by former athletes past their prime, which means it has been tested and proven.

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