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5 Reasons She Hates Going Down On You

by Jonathan Gravel
5 Reasons She Hates Going Down On You

If your girl doesn’t particularly enjoy going down on you, it can be easy to lay all the blame at her door. It can be so easy to assume that the problem is with her, and that if you broke up with her, you’d easily find a girl who does like oral sex.

But the problem is most likely not the girl and never has been. Instead, you seriously have to consider whether all the blame lies squarely with you and we’re here to dish out some seriously useful sexual advice for men.

It’s true that some women just aren’t into fellatio. It just isn’t for them, and no matter how hard they try, and no matter how much you encourage them, they just don’t dig going down on you. But there are girls who love fellatio, and love going down on a guy – but it’s you that’s killing it for her. If you do any of the below, you need to think about changing your ways.

You’re Too Handsy

Girls hate it when you push their heads down during fellatio. Hate it. In porn, guys do it all the time.

“GET THE FUCK DOWN THERE!” they say with their hands. But this just doesn’t work in real life because girls are not comfortable with you working their heads like it’s a toy. You could instead complement her on how good she is at fellatio.

You Explode Without Warning Her First

If you shoot your load without giving her a bit of warning first, she won’t be happy. She might not even like swallowing! It’s this kind of behaviour which is going to get on her nerves and put her off going down on you for good.

Once you’ve asked her if she likes swallowing, you can always just squirt on her body if she says no.

You Don’t Go Down On Her

If you’re a selfish pig who loves to take it but won’t give it, she isn’t going to be too happy at all, is she? If she’s been giving you a lot of head recently but you haven’t been going downtown with her, then it’s a reason she’s losing enthusiasm.

You Don’t Groom

Believe it or not, even if you’ve been with your partner for a few years, she isn’t going to be particularly enamoured if you haven’t given yourself a proper grooming down there. A full nest is not sexy. You don’t need to go for a full shave, but if you’ve got a jungle down there, what’s the harm in a little trim?

You Take Too Long

Oh, just come already.

That’s what she’s thinking after you’re still going for more than 10 minutes.

Look, going down on you is sexy, but if you’re gonna be too slow, she is going to become bored at some point. She didn’t sign up to a marathon, you know. Take a sex tips for men from us and hurry up a little.

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