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6 Things That Will Happen to You When You Hit Your Fitness Goals

by Grace Sianna
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If getting fit is that easy, all people would have been as fit as they wish to be. This goes without saying that staying fit is a challenge not all people have the ability to do. It takes more ounces of courage, discipline, and an indomitable will to take the path to fitness.

When you’ve become successful in this journey, it means you’ve overcome the challenges that fitness enthusiasts have to hurdle. You’ve beaten not only the obstacles but also that part of yourself that gets in the way. You’ve not only become physically fit but also mentally fit, the very quality needed in the pursuit of mighty goals.

1. You’ve stopped procrastinating

Expressing your desire to stay fit is admirable. Yet it’s in actually doing it that you get the most applause. Merely wishing, planning, and hoping won’t get you anywhere. These things are byproducts of procrastination, the number one antagonist that defeats lofty goals even before they’ve been started.

Procrastination stops you from getting up at 5:30 in the morning to start walking, running, or working out in the gym. It tells you to stay in the comforts of your bed a little bit more. And when time is running out, it tells you not to worry because you still can do it tomorrow. When the next day comes, the same thing happens again and again, until months have passed and you’re still the chubby guy who has a lofty goal of keeping yourself fit.

The bad habit of procrastination will only stop when you do one thing – getting off your butt and start kicking ass. Doing it one day at a time on a regular basis can lead to small successes until those little successes will lead to the achievement of your fitness goals.

2. You have finally made up your mind

meditating in the gymThe second hurdle you need to overcome in your fitness journey is indecision. Where to begin in your fitness journey can be confusing. You have a goal alright, like developing lean muscles or having six-pack abs, but how to do it becomes the issue. You’re not sure whether weight lifting, running, cycling or yoga is the easiest route for achieving your fitness goals.

To solve this dilemma, you can look for people who have what you want, meaning they have the same goals as you do in the beginning and finally nailed it in the end. Research what they do and how they do it, then try the same thing yourself. Hiring a personal trainer is another sure way of hitting your fitness goal. Seek help from fitness and health coach and follow their advice.

3. You’ve finally made use of your time wisely

A lack of time is one of the major reasons why people can’t pursue their fitness goals. They feel they’re too busy with work and family obligations. But staying fit doesn’t have to take up most of your time. You can even do simple exercises when at work. You can take some paces while receiving a call. You can use the stairs instead of the elevator for nearby errands. You can walk from your home to the office if it’s only a walking distance or you can park your car a bit farther and walk the rest of the way.

If the early morning is your busiest time of day, you can do simple exercises when you come home in the afternoon, as a way of cooling down yourself. You can walk the dog, walk to the grocery to buy something. Anything that keeps your whole body moving can be a form of your own fitness routine.

4. You’ve put some investment into it

Money can be an issue when you want to stay fit. Gym membership is pretty costly including workout clothes and equipment. If your finances can’t support a costly fitness program, you can go after low-cost training like yoga or outdoor workout.

If you choose yoga, you only have to invest in a mat and comfortable clothes. If you love the outdoors more, like running or walking, a comfortable pair of walking or running shoes is all you need.

The most expensive investment you can put into this activity is your time. Once you’ve spent it as wisely as you should, eliminating procrastination and other distractions, nothing can stop you in getting healthy and fit.

5. You’ve overcome physical limitations

no pain no gainOne of the things that prevent people from getting fit is their physical limitations and issues. Instead of trying to move over these issues, they use it as an excuse to not staying fit. They might say they are flat-footed or are too big to move their bodies. What they fail to see is that, basically, the sky is the limit when one just decides to get fit.

You can choose an activity that doesn’t focus on your physical issue. Flat-footed people can opt to swim instead of run. Swimming can aid heavy people with their weight. As long as you begin in the most comfortable activity, you’d be more capable of doing more challenging ones later. The point is to keep your body moving until you achieve momentum.

6. You’ve become more confident in yourself

Comparing yourself with others can’t be avoided. As a beginner, you might be ashamed of showing how you struggle to lift that pair of dumbbells. Know then that each person in that room was once a beginner and they might have felt what you’re actually feeling at the moment.

Instead of feeling or looking stupid, admit your limitations for the time being. Once you do it regularly, you’ll then become one of those tough guys who manage to show off an effortless smile while lifting those heavyweights.

You owe it to yourself to become healthy and fit. No one can do it for you but yourself alone. Getting fit is a worthwhile journey that provides you enormous health benefits. You will not only look good but will feel good as well.

The challenges may look insurmountable, but when you develop the skills needed to climb over these challenges, you will be more than thankful for starting the journey despite the obstacles at hand.

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