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6 Tips to Stay Fit While Travelling

by Jonathan Gravel

It’s easier to follow your healthy diet with diligence when you’re in the comforts of your home. The standard routine you practice in your daily life makes it less of a challenge to not break the clean diet plan you’ve set for yourself. However, it becomes tough to do the same when you travel.

preview-full-shutterstock_305723525When we travel we already indulge ourselves, so why not eat whatever we want since we’re already at it? At least that’s the thinking that’ll get you to break your healthy diet that you’ve worked so hard to maintain. Emotions can be high during a travel, too. You’re all excited about making new memories that you forget that you’re on a weight management plan. After all, taking a trip or going on a vacation is all about fun and you want to make it even more so by diving into your guilty pleasures.

Surely, food is part of your holiday experience, but it is also not wise to just dig into whatever you want. Maybe you’re feeling great in the moment, but once you bring your additional weight home with you, you’ll be feeling real guilty about it. You’ll be happier if you don’t allow yourself to be totally loose. Here are some health tips to remember while travelling that’ll keep you from eating too much:

1. Really think about it

Weight loss and fitness begin when you set your mind to it. Sometimes, it’s just as simply as deciding that it’s time to make a change, lose weight, and be fit. When your mind is into it, your body will follow. So, you can use the same technique when controlling yourself to overindulge during a vacation. Prepare yourself. You should know that you could be driven by your emotions during your trip, which could lead to you letting yourself loose.

While the feeling of breaking from your imposed diet rules can be truly liberating, the weight you will put on afterwards is not. Set your priorities and focus on your goal. Try visualizing other aspects of the vacation as well, such as the places you can visit, people you can meet, photos you can take, and the variety of activities you can do other than eating. Concentrate on non-food components of your travel and that’ll help you to avoid binge-eating.

2. Make a plan


Anticipate the possibility of weight gain and fight it a week before your scheduled trip by working out more and eating lighter meals for that one-week duration. You can also plan what to eat when you’re in your destination by researching the local cuisines and finding out what the healthy options are for a few meals.

3. Prepare to be hungry

When you’re visiting famous spots in a new place, prepare to experience hunger pangs throughout your trip. To avoid getting hungry on your landmark-visiting moments, pack some fresh fruits or some nuts secured in a zip-lock bag. So that when you get famished along the way you’ll have something to munch on that can fill your tummy. Otherwise, being hungry on the road increases your chances of ordering everything on the menu once your feet land in a restaurant because you feel like you haven’t eaten for days.

4. Allocating your meals

Don’t feel deprived if you can’t indulge in local foods. You can still make it work by choosing one meal daily where you can eat any of your choosing. But for the two remaining meals you have to be more conscientious and go for something lighter.

5. Taking walks

Since you’re in a new place, use your feet more often to explore hidden wonders. Plus, walking is more exciting if you’re somewhere new and you’re breathing the scent of that place you’ve always wanted to see and experience for yourself.

6. Lots of drink

Basically carrying water with you during your trips is a travel essential to keep yourself hydrated. At the same time it is also a great way to feel satiated and prevent feeling bouts of hunger that can cause you to binge-eat.

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