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7 Foods that Improve Kidney Functioning

by Jonathan Gravel

Your kidneys are there for the toxin excretion process in your body, filtering all the stuff that harms you. Despite their amazing nature, we tend not to treat them very well by drinking copious amounts of booze and eating damaging processed food. This means that our kidneys take a great strain every day. Due to this, it is a good idea to give them a detox every now and again. While drinking water is one of the best and fastest ways to detox the kidneys, there are certain foods that also help to improve kidney health and should be incorporated into your everyday diet on a regular basis.

Kidney Beans

preview-full-red-kidney-beans-on-a-wooden-tableYou will find that in nature, many things that are shaped like your organs are good for those particular organs. As walnuts are great for the brain, kidney beans are great for the kidneys.Kidneys have the job of making sure the levels of magnesium, potassium, phosphorous, and sodium are right and kidney beans are high in these minerals. They can also help to break down kidney stones. However, if you have kidney disease, the high levels of these minerals may be an issue.


Cherries contain high levels of vitamin C, which is generally good for the immune system. However, they also contain citrate; the more tart the cherry is the more citrate it has. This chemical helps to lower levels of uric acid in the bloodstream, which can cause gout. By lowering the levels of uric acid, cherries help the kidneys out with their job.


Cinnamon is a very powerful herb and has recently been shown to help moderate blood sugar levels, helping to prevent Diabetes. When the body has high levels of glucose, it causes terrible damage to the kidneys. Cinnamon helps to prevent this which protects the kidneys from blood sugar disorders.

Garlic and Onions

preview-full-Onion-and-garlic-varieties (1)Garlic and onions contain a component called quercetin. Quercetin is a flavonoid with high antioxidant properties. It can help to reduce irritation and works at reducing any inflammation in the kidneys. It works to protect the kidney filters and is especially good for protecting kidney damage caused by cigarettes.


Kidneys help in the production of red blood cells. If your kidneys are not functioning effectively, they will struggle to do this. If you have issues here, this is usually because you have low iron. In order to increase functioning, try to increase your iron intake. You can eat lots of red meat, but the high volume of saturated fat is bad for the heart. Instead, try eating iron-rich vegetables like kale, spinach, or broccoli.

Marshmallow Root Tea

This can be bought in most herbal shop or organic stores. Marshmallow root has been an age-old remedy for kidney problems and considerably improves kidney functioning.It helps to heal kidney tissues while killing bacteria and clearing up infections. Marshmallow root also helps to flush the kidneys by encouraging a better flow of urine.

Aloe Vera Juice

Aloe vera juice isn’t particularly delicious, but it is extremely cleansing for the body, especially the kidneys. It helps to drive out toxins from the body, flushing the kidneys. The also help with kidney stones.

Make sure you are getting enough good fats as they help kidney repair. It has shown to slow the process of kidney failure in recent studies. Try taking ‘Optimal Omega’ to boost your omega fatty acid levels to keep your kidneys healthy. Also make sure you are drinking enough water, around 100 ounces a day, as this will stop toxins lurking in the kidneys.

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