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9 Advantages Of Being Gay

by Grace Sianna
gay men happy together

               When you knew you liked dudes, you might have been a little kid with a crush on the boy in your kindergarten class or a grown man having gone through relationships you couldn’t connect with. Either way, gay was the way to go.

               Throughout your life, guys will come and go. Some will be your friend, others will be your boyfriend, and still others will be your husband. Society can be tough on you, stigma is high, and same-sex marriage has been a struggle, but being gay is awesome and here’s nine reasons why.


#1 The Community

Deciding to tap into your entrepreneurial spirit and build your own community, you can find tons of gay guys around town. Whether you find them on Meetup or in your local “boy’s town”, they’re there. The following statement isn’t a fact, but it’s true enough.

Every town has an elm street, and nearly every city has a boy’s town.

Most gay guys are welcoming and friendly. They don’t live life on the side. They come to party, create stuff, and laugh. With so many guys who understand the struggle, you’ll find yourself easily understood and accepted, for the most part.

The gay community is full of rebels and status quo breakers and you’ve had the golden ticket since birth. So, use it. You might dabble in some politics, change some minds and inspire some hearts. Or, just live your life like everybody else. Either way, you’re a part of the change. And, if you’re in trouble, your community has your back.

Your community can help you navigate through the waters of being gay. They can give you tips on hang out spots, dating, and falling in love.


#2 History Maker

gay couple discussing ideasThe landscape for gay men is changing all the time. Doors are opening and windows are being busted out. Religion is getting less hard-headed, God really does love all of His children, now, and parents are choosing love over prejudice. Of course, this isn’t always the case. Maybe not even often, but this article is about the good stuff, so let’s stick with that.

Society has never been so accepting of gay men until now. Just 10 years ago, gay men on TV were like unicorns. With TV shows, movies, and non-stereotypical representations pouring from the media, people are seeing the similarities, which is awesome.

When you look back to this time, you’ll know that you were a piece of history. Your life made a difference.


#3 Men

This almost seems absurd to add to the list, but I had to. You love men. Being gay, you don’t have to worry about Venus or Mars. You don’t have to learn the Venusian, made-up word, language or struggle with all the misunderstandings that men and women tend to have. For the most part. Being with someone of the same gender is kind of like falling in love with your best friend. It’s comfortable, familiar, and you have this awesome friendship that’ll grow to be more. The two of you think on similar wavelengths and like a lot of the same things.

Burping isn’t an issue and neither is dirty socks. Yeah, that’s a stereotype, but you get the point.

Women are amazing, but you get to enjoy them in a completely different way. You don’t get all the benefits, but that’s not a problem one bit.


#4 Camaraderie

Similar to the community point above, you’re not alone in the struggle. All of the misery that’s been heaped on you has a ton of guys waiting to talk it out. They might be dealing with it right now or they did in the past, but you’ll find that a lot of the issues around being gay are universal.

Not all of them, but many. Which is great because no ice breaker is needed.


#5 Sex

sweet gay couple about to kissWhether you’re into sword fighting, plugs, or just vanilla sex, it’s amazing. There’s a lot less figuring out to do, what feels good, and what gets you super hot. The two of you have similar pleasure spots and know how to find them.


#6 Friends That Are Women

Without feeling like you’re trying to manipulate them for sex, you can enjoy women at their most relaxed. Knowing that you’re into dudes women will show you all of their fun, caring, and beautiful sides. This is something that straight guys see only when the relationship’s already set. Sometimes. The truth is, sometimes you remind women why guys are so amazing.


#7 Kids And Marriage

You might want children, but your family is less likely to constantly remind, to put it lightly, you about settling down. Or, in the case of women, pop a few out before your eggs hit 30 and shrivel up like prunes. Children and marriage is a constant anxiety for heterosexual people, especially women. The clock is ticking! Being gay, you can take your time. Fall in love with the right guy, get married, and raise children whenever you want. You also get to chose which gender of children you want, unless you go the surrogate route. If that’s your choice, I recommend to keep it a surprise.


#8 Celebrities

The roster is huge, but to name a few: Neil Patrick Harris, Jim Parsons, Marc Jacobs, Bruce La Bruce.

Need I say more? A little, you say.

Okay. Elton John, Matthew Bomer, and Michael Stipe.

Being gay is a great thing. It has its disadvantages that are society’s fault, but the advantages are plentiful.


Oh, right, one more reason.


#9 You have the golden ticket at birth.



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