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About Us

by Jonathan Gravel

About TheHealthierMan

TheHealthierMan.com is founded by a team of health experts and analysts bound by the same passion to provide men with accurate and reliable information about the latest in men’s health. Launched in 2015, TheHealthierMan.com has established itself as one of the leaders in providing credible and honest supplement reviews, as well as informative and relevant health articles.

To date, we have launched several dozen e-books, articles, and reviews that prove to be useful and informative for our readers. We aim to maintain the accuracy in our articles by doing in-depth research and utilizing the web’s most reliable science sources, as well as insider interviews and firsthand experience.

As TheHealthierMan.com continues to grow, we aim to provide an even more diverse coverage of health topics, including fitness, muscle performance, exercise, and sexual health. Our content has always targeted the male audience,  and we will continue to develop and enhance our content to match the interest of our target audience.