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Adult Film Stars RAVE About Orgasmic Experiences

The Effect of Formula 41 Extreme on Co-Stars [dropcap]W[/dropcap]orking in the adult film industry is not the sexy and climatic…

The Effect of Formula 41 Extreme on Co-Stars

[dropcap]W[/dropcap]orking in the adult film industry is not the sexy and climatic picture that most people envision when thinking about this industry. It is a job. It is not actually all that glamorous or exciting on a day to day basis. The most troubling discrepancy in the adult film industry is the complete lack of attention to authentic female pleasure and orgasm. Thankfully this sad state of affairs has begun to shift due to a new product on the market that is bringing unprecedented satisfaction and equality into the adult film industry.

Orgasmic Inequality in Adult Film Industry

The average short adult film takes at least two or three hours to film with numerous takes and time delays. Adult film actors and actresses can easily spend half of their day filming as directors meticulously work to find the perfect angles and positions for the film. Adult film actresses also state that all the interruptions and stamina issues make it extremely difficult to orgasm. Adult film actors typically orgasm numerous times while shooting a single film and its an unfair advantage. Industry experts are more concerned with the male orgasm because viewers can see that; producers rarely care about the actresses’ satisfaction and expect them to fake orgasm as part of the industry requirement.
Adult film producers and actors were the first people with this industry to investigate male enhancement supplements to increase actor’s penis size. It was a huge surprise to the industry to later uncover that women benefitted also from these supplements. Adult film actresses report an enormous difference in their co-stars size and performance. Formula 41 Extreme was found to be the number one supplement currently in use in the adult film industry.

Adult Film Actresses Rave about Formula 41 Extreme

Women commonly report finding it extremely sexy and a major turn on when a man processes enough stamina and size to take charge and powerfully fuck them hard and way down deep. Apparently Formula 41 Extreme fuels men to increase penis size and achieve a harder erection that greatly intensifies the reported pleasure felt by their partners. Sexual encounters should be give and take situations and ultimately reciprocating. Mind blowing sex involves both partners’ passionately building towards indescribable orgasmic heights. Adult film actresses know that actually archiving orgasm is crucial for a successful and erotic performance. Thanks to Formula 41 Extreme the pleasure is magnified while causing all the worry over reaching orgasm to become a distant memory. The result is reduced time on set combined with improved mood and less worry which enables the results of Formula 41 to spread over into their personal lives. It is not usually a positive thing when individuals take their jobs home but in this case it’s actually both understandable and incredible. Adult film actresses quickly caught on to the dramatic change encountered on the job caused by Formula 41 and brought some home to spice up their own sex lives.