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Are Cashews Good for You? Nutrition, Benefits, and Downsides

by Ken McBride

Cashews are known to be kidney-shaped seeds gotten from cashew trees from Brazil cultivated in various parts of the world. Most at times, cashews are called tree nuts in some parts of the world. They have numerous nutritional values which make them an easy addition to various meals and diets. Cashews are rich in nutrients like vitamin K, iron, carbs, fat, copper, protein, manganese, vitamin B6, zinc, and phosphorus. Asides from the nutrients and minerals which can be gotten from cashews, there are also other benefits which include:

Containing Beneficial Plant Compounds

This is a major benefit of cashews because it contains numerous plant compounds that are very beneficial to the health of individuals. Generally, nuts are known to be very rich in antioxidants, and cashews are not exempted. Antioxidants are known to be plant compounds that aid in keeping your body fit because it neutralizes free radicals. Cashews are also known to be very rich in polyphenols and carotenoids. Polyphenols and carotenoids are known to be species of antioxidants that can be seen in other trees. Research has also shown that various types of nuts like walnuts and almonds also aids in reducing the levels of cell damages in individuals. It is important to note that cashews are contained with numerous plant compounds that ensure that individuals would derive numerous benefits from their consumption.

Helps in the Loss of Weight

Are Cashews Good for You? Nutrition, Benefits, and Downsides

This is another major factor that is accompanied by the consumption of cashews. Nuts are known to be rich in calories and individuals. However, contrary to this, research has shown that individuals who include nuts in their diet tend to lose weight faster than individuals who do not include nuts in their diets. This occurs because the body does not consume all the fat that is present in cashews. Cashews have been proven to aid in weight loss and help in the development of lean muscles. It is rich in fiber which serves as a means of reducing cravings and hunger in individuals. Individuals who wish to start their weight loss journey ought to have cashews in handy to help reduce their cravings. This occurs because it is high in fiber and reduce your cravings.

May Improve Heart Condition

Foods that have been scientifically proven to be rich in fiber aids in reducing the development of heart problems, cashews are rich in fiber which makes a superb food for dealing with heart conditions. Research has shown that individuals who consumed cashews tend to develop good cholesterol and not bad cholesterol. Studies have also shown that the consumption of cashews aids in reducing blood pressure.

Easy to add to your Diet

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It is a well-known fact that it is extremely easy to add cashews to your diet. They are can be eaten in their natural form, roasted, or even taken as a basic snack. You can also add grounded or even the whole cashews to your meal to ensure that it is properly taken. The use of cashew butter is another superb way of incorporating cashews into your meal. You must make it a habit of incorporating cashews into your diet to ensure that you derive the benefits of this seed. They can also be used in combination with apple cider vinegar to make a weight loss drink. If you wish to lose weight while consuming cashews, it is important that you consumed the raw or dry ones.

Potential Downside

It is safe to consume cashews in moderate quantities for most individuals. However, for others, the consumption of cashews is dangerous for health. Research has shown that the consumption of raw and natural cashews is better than consuming fried ones. This is because there are no added salt or oils in the natural cashew. Cashews are known to be tree nuts and studies have it that some individuals are allergic to tree nuts. Individuals who are allergic should not consume cashews.

May be beneficial for people with type 2 diabetes

It is well-known that individuals who consume cashews regularly are less likely to develop type 2 diabetes. Also, individuals who have type 2 diabetes can get various benefits from consuming cashews. Research has shown that individuals who consume cashews regularly tend to have a reduction in blood level. By including cashews in your diet, you are bound to have a reduction in blood pressure and blood levels.


Cashews are natural seeds that aid in improving the health functions of an individual. Cashews aid in the losing weight, development of health conditions, and many more are the benefits of consuming cashews.

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