by Ken McBride

Kickboxing is a type of martial art practice which involves punching, footwork, and kicking. This sport adopts styles from other forms of martial arts like karate, and also boxing.

The rules of kickboxing differ from the various types of kickboxing. For example, American kickboxing requires using the hands and feet to make contact, while muay thai permits the use of the elbows and knees for contact.

Kickboxing done without making contact and kickboxing for cardio adopt similar footwork, kicking, and punching styles as the other kinds of kickboxing, but punches and kicks are instead directed at weight bags or hand pads rather than at a kickboxing partner.

Kickboxing provides various health benefits regardless of the age factor. These benefits include;

Cardiovascular health

According to research, participating in kickboxing thrice weekly for an hour results in optimal oxygen uptake. Which indicates your cardiovascular endurance levels, that is the greater it is, the more productively your body takes in and utilizes oxygen.

Improves muscle strength and balance

Kickboxing leads to improved muscle strength both in upper and lower body sections. An analysis of people, who practiced kickboxing three days weekly, revealed that their muscle coordination and balance had been improved.  Kickboxing was as well found to aid the enhancement of reactive and anticipatory balance. This will in turn lower your chances of falling.

Weight loss


It is popularly acknowledged that regularly participating in any form of exercise will assist you in losing your weight. Kickboxing is an aerobic workout that is perfect for burning calories and fat, in all help you manage your weight. Certain analysis revealed that kickboxing beginners have an increased muscle mass and a reduced body fat percentage.

Confidence and self-esteem

Physical exercises and almost all types of martial arts have been analyzed to improve confidence and self-esteem. Self-confidence is an essential actor for effective kickboxing, and the fitness industry really emphasizes on building self-confidence as a part of training. Due to information from some research, it is suggested that performing martial arts boosts your self-confidence. Any form of physical exercises generally has as well been associated with improved self-esteem.

Better sleep

man sleeping

Physical exercises improve sleep quality, even for those suffering from sleep disorders. Information acquired from research entails that regularly participating in physical exercise can positively influence your sleep duration and quality. Depriving your body of sleep leads to higher chances of suffering certain diseases, like cancer and heart-related diseases. Sufficient sleep improves your mood, enhances your thinking abilities, and boosts energy levels.

Improved mental health

Kickboxing which is a form of martial arts and other types of physical exercises has been revealed to improve mental wellness and increase positive feelings. Kickboxing is partly an aerobic and anaerobic exercise, which both positively influence your mood. This is due to the increase in the secretion of endorphins which improve tension, anxiousness, and depression management.

Kickboxing safety

Kickboxing is popularly a safe sport which entails total body movements. Yet injuries can be sustained. According to research people with injuries from kickboxing for cardio revealed that common injuries are strains in the shoulders, back, ankles, knees, and hips. People with already existing injuries in these body parts are required to confirm with a doctor before practicing kickboxing or starting any new exercise at all, particularly those with existing or healing heart and lung complications.

Beginner tips

If you are a beginner practicing kickboxing, the following tips might be helpful:

  • Gradually advance your kickboxing skills to lower your chances of injury.
  • Be conscious of your goals (which might be, fitness, weight loss, or athletics) when making a choice on what kind of kickboxing to practice.
  • Your target for practicing kickboxing should be at least thrice weekly for about an hour each time.
  • Make sure to eat before a workout to provide sufficient energy which will prevent fatigue and stay hydrated during work out.

Choosing a class

A lot of martial arts studios offer various kinds of kickboxing which differ in level, rules, and advancements. When in search of a kickboxing class, it is important to keep in mind your goals and the state of your physical wellbeing. Be sure to make these things clear to the instructors, ensuring you’re your training sessions are what is needed in achieving your goals.

Another factor to note is to gear up appropriately for your kickboxing session. Some of these kickboxing gears are provided in some gyms/studios; properly find out the included gear items before shopping.

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