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What are the Best Supplements for Men?

by Jonathan Gravel

Men don’t always get sufficient vitamins and nutrients to sustain your body’s normal functions. You’re probably one of them. The reasons for nutrient deficiency can vary, of course. It may be because you’re too busy to eat properly or just may be eating healthy is not your thing, which really is a bummer. Basically, the body needs enough vitamins and nutrients to work properly. But in this time and age, people are pre-occupied with external factors rather than focusing on their health. Good news is that supplementation can help address those deficiencies in you to make sure everything is in order.

We’re not talking about multivitamins as these typically help with baseline nutritional requisites. What we’re referring here are the kinds of supplements that can provide you a particular benefit whether it’s heightened energy or bigger muscles or simply a convenient alternative to consuming lots of vegetables. Below are the best supplements we believe are fit for men:

Whey protein for muscle development

Those men who work out a lot at the gym require a gram of protein per pound of body weight each day in order to develop muscle. Whey protein originates from milk and is quickly absorbed and digested by the body. It is a natural and efficient supplement that can accelerate the recuperation period of the muscles, so that you can begin growing new lean muscle tissue.

Energy-boosting supplement


Ever feel weary at around 2 pm that you struggle to continue doing your tasks? It’s not only you. But instead of going for soda or coffee to give you a temporary energy boost, take supplements that can increase your energy instead. There are energy-boosting pills in the market you can try. Some brands are quite effective with some consumers saying that their energy has doubled after two months of taking them.


Vitamin D for strengthening the bone

Basically, Vitamin D helps sustain normal levels of calcium and phosphorus in your blood. Plus, it has a vital part in ensuring that your bones are strong enough to resist fractures, which usually happens at the gym during exercises and other intense physical activities.

Green tea extract for burning fat

As a fat burner, green tea extract can do wonders. This is mainly because of the antioxidant EGG, which is believed to boost resting metabolic rates and rouse the fat-torching process. It has also been found to heighten pre-workout energy levels.

Omega 3s for cardiovascular health


Mainly found in fish, this polyunsaturated fat has omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA. These have been shown to decrease triglycerides, since high levels of this increase your risk of heart disease. Other benefits of Omega 3s are: increase HDL or the good cholesterol and lower blood pressure.


Vitamin C to fight off infection

It has been reported that 60% of men don’t get sufficient Vitamin C. This is according to the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that can help the body combat infections like common cold or the flu. It even aids in the healing of wounds and shielding cells that are impaired during workout.

Saw Palmetto for healthy prostate

Benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) is a condition that makes urination a huge challenge. It was found in a study that men who are taking 320 mg of saw palmetto everyday for a year experienced reduction of their BPH symptoms by 50%. If you have a problem with your urination, saw palmetto can help.

Glucosamine for the joints

When you’re young, physical activities don’t amount to long-term pains in the body other than being fatigued. But it becomes a different story when you reach your mid to late 20s. During this period, the pain you get from physical exertions like workout does not just go away. It lingers until you’re unable to ignore it, which is why there’s glucosamine to aid in the alleviation of achiness and swelling in your joints. Glucosamine is the building block of cartilage, hence, its effectiveness in reducing joint pains and inflammation.

Green supplement as vegetable proxy

Men should consume five servings of veggies daily. But when this doesn’t happen, there’s veggie supplementation you can take to make up for the lost nutrients you can only get from eating greens. There are some green supplements available that are completely natural and loaded with vitamins, minerals, protein, and chlorophyll.

Meanwhile, it is also important that you speak with your doctor to recommend you the right kind of supplement. This is even more crucial if you’re taking other meds to make sure that no negative interactions take place.

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