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Biomanix Review – The Best Pill There Is

Uncover what makes Biomanix the best male enhancement pill in the world today Introduction The world’s leading medical websites such…

Uncover what makes Biomanix the best male enhancement pill in the world today


The world’s leading medical websites such as WebMD, MayoClinic and a bunch of others may have us believe that penis enlargement pills do not work, and all of them are just scams that aim to take away your hard-earned money. While these medical websites are definitely credible, the content that they put out about penis enlargement is grossly outdated. Earlier this year, the first verified penis enlargement pill was released to the market with comprehensive evidence that the formula absolutely works, and that pill is Biomanix.

Biomanix has been around for years, but it was just recently released. Biomanix didn’t have a brand name when it hit its testing phase. It was only made available to a select bunch, which includes review aggregate website owners, porn producers, actors, and regular folk just like you and me. Biomanix spent two years in development to achieve the perfect formula that everyone is after now – but is all of that just hype or are their claims accurate? Check out the ingredients of Biomanix and decide for yourself.


biomanixBiomanix is made up of core ingredients, dubbed as the Accelerated Expansion Technology, which in theory is a group of ingredients that are easily absorbed by the body.

The core ingredient is Tongkat Ali, an herb used for centuries as a potency aid for men, and in the 90s it became widely known as an herbal substitute for Viagra, thanks to its similar PDE-5 inhibitor properties. Tongkat Ali also has testosterone-boosting capabilities, which made it a common ingredient in many testosterone treatment supplements. The increased concentration of Tongkat Ali makes it possible to greatly improve libido and sexual stamina.

The main penis enlargement ingredient of the formula is L-Arginine, a bodybuilding ingredient that increases nitric oxide in the body, which dilates blood vessels to improve circulation. A more concentrated form of L-arginine is present in the formula of Biomanix, which allows it to greatly improve


circulation especially on the arteries that supply blood to the penis. In effect, L-Arginine, when taken regularly has the potential to permanently increase penis size with an increased volume of blood flowing to the penile chambers.

Maca Root enables the user to experience more control over their orgasms as it regulates hormones by inhibiting oxytocin and prolactin. Maca Root, in conjunction with the other aphrodisiacs such as Tongkat Ali, Tribulus Terrestris, and Muira Puama send signals to the brain to enhance the blood flow to the penis.


The formula absolutely makes a lot of sense, and all the industry needs is ample funding and attention to the formula to come up with a formula as clever and effective as Biomanix. Supplement companies need to take notes and divert funding from useless endorsements and sponsorships to research and development. Effective products sell themselves with little to no effort in advertising. In my opinion, Biomanix deserves all the hype it gets from its satisfied users. It’s safe to say that no other pill comes close to Biomanix.