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How to Build Stronger and Bigger Muscles in Your Arms

by Jonathan Gravel

If you are hoping to build stronger and bigger muscles in your arms, there are some things you will need to avoid and some other things you will need to work on as well. Having bigger and stronger arm muscles may make you feel more like a man. However, you should be sure you are building up your muscles the right way. If you do the wrong things, you are likely to get an injury or just not make any progress in your muscle building efforts at all.

Focusing on the Things You Need to Avoid

preview-full-shutterstock_561771916When you are putting forth the effort to build stronger and bigger muscles in your arms, you should first focus on the things you need to avoid. There are going to be some things that you need to avoid to prevent injury, others to avoid so you can gain more progress and some to just make sure you are doing things correctly.

If you are a beginner who is building stronger and bigger arm muscles, you need to do more of the compound type exercises and less of the isolation exercises. The isolation exercises to specifically mention include the extensions and curls. The more you do the isolation exercises, the more counterproductive you will be.

You should also make sure to avoid training the arms too much. Yes, you want to build up your muscles quickly but you can’t force it. The muscles in your arms are small so you can’t train them all the days of the week. These muscles need more time to recover than others. You should only work out your arms around three times each week.

Make sure when building stronger and bigger muscles in your arms that you don’t neglect other groups of muscles. If you neglect those other muscle groups, you will be disproportionate. You will have bigger arms but your other body won’t be formed and built correctly. This will not look very good.

The last thing to avoid is not getting enough to eat. If you want bigger arms, you need to keep at a reasonable weight and this may mean you need to gain a bit.

Focusing on the Build

preview-full-shutterstock_124480024Now that you know more about what you will need to avoid to build stronger and bigger muscles in your arms, you can finally focus on the build. This section is going to give you more of a guideline on what you need to be doing.

You will need to start by improving your total muscle mass. This is one of the first things to do if you are going to build your arm muscles. If the rest of your body isn’t stronger, building up your arms isn’t going to work so well.

You should make sure to eat every few hours. Throughout the day, you should have your breakfast meal, a lunch, your dinner, post-workout meal as well as two small snacks. You should separate the times you eat by about three hours.

Make sure you are giving yourself proper rest time. Your muscles need to recover. There are many routines for your arms that will work in the rest time that is needed.

Keeping track of your progress is another excellent way to build your stronger and bigger arm muscles. If you keep track of your weight and the size of your arms, you will be more motivated to keep growing them and the rest of the muscle groups in your body as well.

When you are doing biceps, you will be focusing on the inverted rows, chin-ups and pull-ups. The pull-ups are one of the best as they allow you to work out more muscles each time.

The triceps exercises that you should be doing include push-ups, overhead press and the bench press. These are going to work your muscles hard but again don’t forget about the recovery time.

If you are going to build stronger and bigger muscles in your arms, the above is a guideline to follow. There are certainly things that you need to avoid but there are also some great things to incorporate into your fitness routine as well. Keep this guideline and remember to keep track of all your progress as well. It is best to take your measurements and then check them again every two weeks.

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