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Controlled Labs Blue Up: Is it Trustworthy?

Testosterone is the male hormone that keeps us feeling energized builds muscle and allows us to keep our performance at…

Testosterone is the male hormone that keeps us feeling energized builds muscle and allows us to keep our performance at best in the bedroom. But do you know what happens – TO ALL OF US?

You may have noticed that after you hit thirty, things began to change. The truth is that when we get older, testosterone levels start to drop and all these aspects of our health go with it.

To avoid this you can take supplements, and we are here to guide you as to which products and their ingredients are generally going to help you turn this around.

The product and its promise

The male enhancement Blue Up acts as a natural testosterone booster which can be a great pre-workout formula. Testosterone impacts on our strength, energy, endurance and on the time it takes to recover after exercise.

By increasing the testosterone production you are able to benefit from being able to build bigger muscles.

Another area affected is the sex drive and performance – Blue Up promises that you will feel better than ever!

IngredientsControlled Labs Blue Up - ingredients

The product is contained of natural herbs including: Avena Sativa, Tribulus Terrestris, Eurycoma Longifolia, Yohimbe Bark Extract and Caffeine.

Tribulus Terrestris helps with erectile dysfunction and boost sperm potency while Avena Sativa is best known for assisting the sex drive and increasing sexual sensations.

However, despite there being beneficial substances within this product there are still stimulants and if you are sensitive to caffeine, you may want to reconsider by finding an alternative. There have also been reports of people experiencing side effects as a result of accidently consuming a high amount of Yohimbe – so be careful.


$20.42 is certainly a reasonable price. However, it is unfortunate that you can only purchase this supplement online. One bottle contains sixty which is roughly two months worth of pillsat its lowest dosage of two capsules per day.


Controlled Labs Blue Up - Improve Testosterone LevelsBlue Up is a great supplement to buy, if you are sure you can handle caffeine. If you would rather not you can find Xtreme Testosterone as a wonderful stimulant-free alternative that will allow you to gain muscle and feel all of the benefits from increasing your male hormone.

Xtreme Testosterone really is the way forward; it works well and has special natural herbs like Tongkat Ali and Horny Goat Weed that assist all a man’s needs! These ancient herbs have been cultivated by indigenous tribes all over the globe to help increase the fertility in both their people and of their animals.

One bottle only costs a crazy price of just $19.95! An absolute bargain – for a top quality product – which is produced by a leading brand.

Biomanix is your answer to the best sex life you have ever encountered and even helps to put inches on the length of your manhood. There is no price to working such miracles! The cost of a longer and thicker penis is buying a bottle at a reasonable price of $59.95.