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Date List: Dates You Have & Haven’t Thought About

by Grace Sianna
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Every couple has their times where they have no idea what to do together.

“Do we go to our regular restaurant?”

“Do we go get a drink at that winery we go to all the time?”

“Do we go for a walk on the beach at sunset like we did last week?”

All valid questions. And the answer is yes; Couples struggle coming up with new date ideas that are fun and different. But it’s okay, that’s what I’m here for. So, check out this list of dates and small explanations and choose what’s best for you and your sweetie.

  1. Go explore a pumpkin patch. Technically this date can only be successfully conducted in the fall, seeing as pumpkins and pumpkin patches are very well known throughout this season. But still. Go to a pumpkin patch this fall. Then bring back your pumpkins to either of your houses (or the place you both share) and start carving away.
  2. Visit a museum the two of you are interested in. Really dive into your creative sides. Go to an art museum, a history museum, or any museum that the two of you can find something to admire and later talk about.
  3. Take a long, destination-less walk together. You have each other. Start somewhere and don’t plan your end point. But make sure you don’t get lost along the way.
  4. couple on a picnic date man plays guitarGo on a picnic. But make sure it’s old fashioned. Go out and buy the picnic basket, plates, cups, and plastic cutlery. Pack picnic-like foods that won’t require heating up (e.g. chips, sandwiches, and chocolate covered strawberries for dessert, if it’s not too hot out).
  5. Go to a strawberry picking field. Make sure you wear appropriate clothes if you two are going to tackle this one. The strawberries do stain, and white clothes and/or sneakers is not the best choice. But be sure to sneak in a strawberry here and there, they’re delicious when freshly picked.
  6. Go horseback riding. Regardless of whether you or your significant other has ever gone before, it’s an experience worth having together. Go slow if you’re new and speed up when you’re comfortable. If either of you end up getting injured, at least you’ll hae one another to take care of later on.
  7. Go to a pottery class. This is fun and messy, so once again be sure not to wear white clothes. But hey, you’ll be able to make a dish or bowl for your future home (or current home, whichever applies).
  8. Go apple picking. This one also heavily pertains to the fall season. Besides, who doesn’t think frolicking in the leaves is fun? Put her on your shoulders to get the highest apple she can and be sure to snap a picture in the process. Don’t drop her, though!
  9. Go to a painting class. Preferably the ones that allow wine. Getting drunk and painting something is so much more fun, and so much less pressure.
  10. Take a cooking class. This is especially necessary if one of you, or the two of you, don’t know how to cook. How else will you two survive?
  11. Go waterskiing. Don’t try this unless you know how to swim quite well (or unless you have a good trainer alongside you and a life jacket on at all times). The sport is just like skiing, except there’s more water involved.
  12. Go grab coffee. This is often a date that is pushed aside and often forgotten. But there’s something that puts us at ease about coffee. Go grab a nice hot coffee on a cold, winter day. Grab some sweets at the shop while you’re at it.
  13. Fly a kite. I know this may sound like you’re 12 years old again, but flying a kite together is a lot of fun. I understand no one usually does this, but I can guarantee you it will have the two of you smiling from ear to ear.
  14. man on a romantic date on the beach with wineGo to the beach. Many couples do this all summer long and many couples don’t do this all summer long. If you do, good for you. If you don’t, try it out. Besides, it can’t be too bad if the two of you are near naked.
  15. Stay at a bed and breakfast. Think of it this way: It’s a date in another person’s home. But, it’s still cozy and romantic. Relax and sleep in, then head on downstairs for a homemade breakfast.
  16. Try trivia night at a local bar. This will show your competitive side (if you have one). You can either go against your partner or try to help her out. The choice is yours.
  17. Make out in the backseat of your car. This one plays out kind of like all those Lifetime and Hallmark movies. But, it’s fun! It makes you feel like a teenager again, except you don’t have to be home at a certain time and you know more or less what you’re doing, opposed to back then.
  18. Go to a haunted house. Generally, this is only done around Halloween time (but there are haunted houses open all year long if you do some research). Going to one will bring the two of you closer together if you’re scared. If you’re not scared, the two of you can make fun of it together.
  19. Go whale watching. Unfortunately, with this one you may not get to see as many whales as you’d like. But that’s okay; You still have each other and alcohol. Grab a drink and watch the ocean and sunset.
  20. Play twister. This is fun and kinky. And we all know what happens if the two of you (and only the two of you) are playing twister. Wink, wink.
  21. Go do karaoke. Don’t be shy! Let yourself be you. Make fun of yourself and her. At least the two of you will understand each other on a deeper (and funnier) level.
  22. Play board games. Chances are this will get boring. But that’s okay, if it’s just the two of you, get down and dirty half way through the game.
  23. Go play laser tag. This may seem like it’s just for kids, but you can make it for adults. Get a drink before hand and there you go! You’ll have an adult chase around game.
  24. Go paintballing. Yes, it will hurt. Don’t worry. You can give each other massages afterwards.
  25. Take a horse and buggy ride. The old-fashioned dates are always the cutest (and she’ll absolutely love it). Make sure you’re dressed for the occasion, though.
The list goes on and on. But start with these 25 ideas and see where your dating life takes you.


By Jenny Lyn

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