The Day to Start Getting Fit is TODAY

You have been thinking about what fitness plan you should start, maybe giving more thought into when you should start…

You have been thinking about what fitness plan you should start, maybe giving more thought into when you should start or what you need before you start. All of this thinking is happening but you have yet to take the action that is needed to implement a fitness plan. Stop stalling and choose today as the day you start getting fit. Today is the right time and you can start by motivating yourself with certain fitness advice.

Adding Alternate Exercises

preview-full-604369306Many of those who give up on their fitness plans do so because they get bored. Another reason many people give up is because they do the same workouts over and over and they don’t continue to get results. This is because the body becomes too used to those workouts so not as much change is happening any longer. If you make sure to add alternate exercises that you can switch out for another at least once a week, you can start getting fit today. This fitness progress will continue for longer when alternating exercises as well.

Calorie Counting

While calorie counting doesn’t work for everyone, it could work for. There are many health professionals who do recommend calorie counting. If you want to get fit, this might be what you need. You need to know how much you are eating every day. If you keep a food log for a couple of weeks, you can get a guideline for how you are currently eating. This will let you see if there are certain times during the day when you need to reduce or gain calories. When you count calories, exercise and make healthy choices, you will start getting fit and have more progress

No Over-Exertion

If you want to start getting fit, you need to understand that there is such a thing as over-exertion. When you work out, there are only so many calories you can burn off. Pushing yourself too much is going to cause you to over-exert and that will stop your body from burning any more fat. It will also dehydrate your body, increase the risk of an injury, harm your joints and damage muscles too. Stick to the fitness plan you set up and don’t push too much harder.


If you want to get fit starting today, you should play some sports. When playing sports such as football, volleyball and baseball, you can get fit while having a great time. You can also do this as a way of being social with your friends and family too.

Exercising While Sitting

So, you are sitting there watching T.V. and you feel a bit guilty about not exercising. While you should relax at times, you can also exercise while sitting and watching T.V. You can do sit-ups, push-ups, planks, crunches, lift weights and more. You can look up other exercises to do while watching T.V. as well.

Go Cycling

preview-full-CaloriesCount-PostIf you want to get fit and burn off fat, you should go cycling. This is one of the greatest workouts you can do outside of the gym. You could also use the cycling machines in the gym as well. You can ride a bike any time of the year. In fact, when you ride your bike outside during the winter you can burn off even more calories. Cold workouts are excellent for losing weight and getting fit

Pick a Workout Buddy

Today is the day for you to pick a workout buddy. Studies show people are more likely to stick with a workout plan if they have someone who is doing it alongside of them. Find one of your friends, co-workers or family members who will work out with you. Whether it is going to the gym or go for a run, find someone willing to do this with you and you will make a better commitment.

The day to start getting fit is today. Start taking your NitroGenix 365 supplements and use this advice to start improving your fitness. You may have been stalling before now but that time is done. Now it is your time to build muscle, burn off calories, burn off fat and become healthier as well! Get to it today!