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Dermalogica Extreme C Review: Is it a hoax?

by Jonathan Gravel
Dermalogica Extreme C Review: Is it a hoax?

Dermalogica Extreme C Investigation 

There are a number of uphill battles that consumers must fight though to achieve radiant, flawless skin. They are always searching for an easy answer for relief. They have numerous elements against them. The aging process itself is a number one enemy which brings about the appearance of dark marks and age spots. The Uva and UVB rays they are exposed to everyday increases melanin manufacture. There are also scars from past skin trauma to deal with.  The makers of Dermalogica Extreme C say they have designed a skin care product t address and correct all of these issues. It is said to lighten hyperpigmentation to even the skins tone. They say with the use of their formula unsightly scars and dark marks will vanish in no time revealing only glowing, flawless skin.

Dermalogica Extreme C Properties and Actions 

SUMMARY HYPERGENEA certain type of vitamin c labeled magnesium ascorbic phosphate is not acidic in nature. It inhibits the manufacture of melanin while increasing collagen to boost skin elasticity. It is said to be a natural sun screen and is found abundantly in beauty and skin care products. Thirteen amino acids must be strung in sequence to for a protein peptide known as Oligopeptide-34. It disrupts the function of tyrosinase of melanocytes and retards the synthesis of melanin.  Camellia is often extracted to create a popular white tea from Asia. The oil which it offers matches the skin’s almost perfectly making it natural for the skin to drink it up. It soothes, calms, and moisturizes skin cells.  UVB and UVA rays incite the formation of melanin in the skin. Zinc glycinate, only one of its many forms, interferes with the production of the chemical which skin requires to make this color pigment.

Dermalogica Extreme C Assets and Deficits


Dermalogica Extreme C Assets

No hydroquinone is used to produce this formula.
Most of the user experiences are praising the product.
There is a guarantee allowing displease consumers to receive a refund.
Each property which creates this formula has been examined individually.

Dermalogica Extreme C Deficits

There are is not a great deal of feedback to review.
The post market formula has not been tried.
This is an extremely costly skin lightener.
Consumers have no more than 30 to request reimbursement.


Consumers have a wide selection for ordering this product including Amazon and the company webpage where a store locator is provided. On average it costs $65 for a container with .3 ounces of the formula.

Last Vote

Many users seem to observe great results, while other say they were sorely disappointed. The individual elements of the formula have been reviewed and confirmed to have the potential to effect the company claims, but the end product has seen no trials of any kind. Dermalogica Extreme C is very pricey and customers have no more than 30 days to receive a refund. In light of these facts, this is not an advisable skin care purchase.

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