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Do Natural Weight Loss Supplements Help Fight Obesity?

by Jonathan Gravel
Do Natural Weight Loss Supplements Help Fight Obesity?

Weight loss pills are on the path to becoming a staple product within the natural supplement industry. Obesity is now one of the biggest health crises in 21st century America. It’s hardly a surprise that the weight loss industry has become a multi-billion dollar industry. The demand for weight loss pills is best thought of as a two dimensional problem stemming from a clash between our culture and lifestyle. Society places great importance on both physical attractiveness and the bigger and better American Dream: people expect to supersize their meal while still remaining healthy and attractive to the opposite gender. This creates a rather paradoxical problem and contributes to the increased demand for weight loss pills.

The Value of Physical Appearance?

Numerous studies have demonstrated that women are biologically more attracted to strong and masculine looking young men. However, this fact has traditionally caused little alarm or distress in men. The average man used to be physically fit and healthy resulting in higher testosterone levels and sustained libido levels. Hence, the average man was adequately equipped to attract and satisfy women without excessive insecurity or limitations. Today the average man in America is overweight or obese. Statistics released by the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES) reveal that 71.3 percent of adult males in America are overweight or obese. Obesity is linked to lower testosterone levels and erectile dysfunction in addition to numerous other sexual performance issues. A study released by Duke University Medical Center found obese people reported an increase in sexual performance issues such as decreased desire, decreased enjoyment in addition to avoiding sex and performance difficulty. The study also reported that obese people are 25 times more likely to experience and struggle with sexual performance issues. Men today have valid reason to be insecure about their continued ability to attract and satisfy women in the bedroom. The good news is that a healthy diet and physical activity can help alleviate the severity of sexual performance issues in the average man. Nutrition and exercise are crucial components for increasing confidence and quality of life.

Correlation to Weight Loss Supplement Industry

The weight loss supplement industry is attempting to combat a void in the prescription medication industry for treating obesity. Weight loss supplements are not necessary for incorporating a healthy diet and physical exercise into daily routine. However, weight loss pills could potentially offer increased health benefits if used in conjunction with a balanced and healthy lifestyle. Clinically tested weight loss pills that have been proven to contain actual high quality ingredients instead of artificial fillers are suggested to enhance weight loss. This market division within the natural supplement industry could prove to be valuable in combating the obesity crises. The key points to keep mind about weight loss supplements is that their designed to complement a healthy lifestyle and the formula must contain researched ingredients in order to be effective.

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