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Do Women Report Feeling Satisfied with their Long Term Partner’s Penis Size?

by Jonathan Gravel
Do Women Report Feeling Satisfied with their Long Term Partner’s Penis Size?

Men with large penises boast of a large endowment being a mandate for pleasuring women. Men who have not been gifted with a sizable penis will argue that technique and a skilled performance is key not a large penis. Yet, of more importance is the answer to what women state about the penis size of their partner and the level of pleasure experienced within stated relationship. Do women report being satisfied with the size of their long term partner’s penis size?

Commitment and Family Trumps Physical Pleasure

Numerous women make the conscience decision to maintain a long term relationship with less endowed men. Women report being happily committed to men with small penises. The value of a committed partner interested in raising a family outweighs having a satisfying sex life. Women didn’t report feeling very satisfied with their partner’s sexual performance yet where happy with the overall benefits of the relationship. Studies reveal that women tend to exchange the pursuit of a satisfying sex life in favor of commitment and starting a family.

Studies Show Women Select Small Penis Sizes for Long Term Relationships

A Study conducted by the University of California in Los Angles (UCLA) found women are typically dissatisfied with their long term partner’ s penis size and prefer penises with larger girth. Female study participants were asked to touch 33 different 3D penis models for 30 seconds and select one model for their long term relationship and one model for an ideal one night stand. Every female study participant selected a larger penis model for ideal one night stand than model selected for their long term relationship. Women correlate larger penis girth with heightened sexual pleasure and satisfaction. Researchers conclude that women are willing to sacrifice pleasure in order to achieve a stable family unit. Yet, the prior stated fact is counter intuitive as women who are sexually unsatisfied in long term relationships are more likely to initiate divorce and separations.

Women are Secretly Dissatisfied in Bed

The bottom line is simply that women are often dissatisfied with their long term partner’s penis size. Women will often attempt to overlook their own pleasure in order to build a stable family; although this attempt has been shown to frequently result in separation, divorce and breakups. It’s safe to assume that if you lack a sizable penis your long term partner is dissatisfied with both your penis size and sexual performance. However, it’s important to once again note that women are motivated to commit to men with small penises out of love and mutual interests. The only element causing relationship dissatisfaction is lack of sexual gratification caused by small penis size. Exercise and a healthy diet are both proven methods for improving overall health and consequently sexual performance. Additionally, several male enhancement products have been suggested to be effective for increasing penis size. Perhaps an investigation into different enhancement option would provide a solution for minimizing female dissatisfaction with penis size within long term relationships.

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