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E-Scooter Injuries: The Latest ‘Urban Health Scare’ That Can Be Prevented With These 8 Tips

by Ken McBride
e-scooter on the road

E-Scooters have been increasingly popular since their first mass production in 1996. In 2017, e-scooter riders have skyrocketed. This personal mode of transportation is the best alternative when you want to support the environment while going places in short distances.

Apart from the fun side, an e-scooter ride helps you save fuel as well as enables you to save time as there’s no need for you to spend time waiting for a taxi or bus.

E-scooters are also lower maintenance, free of smoke emissions, easy to park, easy to assemble, low cost, and very portable. Once broken, you don’t need to call for help. All you have to do is pick it up and bring it to the proper place for fixing.

People in urban places are starting to embrace this mode of transportation to avoid traffic and enjoy a full-body workout at the same time, engaging their back and core muscles while standing.

While there are pros to using e-scooters, there are also cons, which can cause injuries and even death. In 2016, the Consumer Product Safety Commission reported 3,300 injuries attributed to scooter use, most of which are head and face injuries. Another report revealed more than 39,000 e-scooter related injuries in the U.S. from 2014 to 2018.

In Britain, the first recorded e-scooter death happened on July 12, 2019, as a television presenter and YouTube personality, Emily Hartridge, collided with a lorry while riding on her e-scooter. The crash immediately claimed Hartridge’s life.

Because of these, different places or countries have set specific laws and prohibitions regarding the use of e-scooters in public places.

Despite these things, e-scooter purchases are still on the rise. If you’re an e-scooter user, you should be well informed about the potential injuries that an e-scooter ride may bring. Being aware of these ugly possibilities increases your chances to stay safe while on the road. Besides, there are safety tips to follow when using an e-scooter.

Wear a helmet and other protective gear

protective helmetResearchers found that head injuries, such as brain bleeds and concussions, are the most common injuries related to e-scooter, making up for almost one-half of the reported injuries.

To find out how e-scooter riders hurt themselves, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention conducted a study and found that most injured riders didn’t wear a helmet.

Wearing a helmet is the best prevention of injury. A helmet may not totally protect you but at least it will reduce damage so are wearing elbow, and knee pads. Doctors say fixing broken arms or wrists is easier than fixing a damaged brain.

If you don’t own a helmet, buy one before it’s too late. Carrying a helmet may be a hassle but it’s your safety we’re talking about here. Experts said that helmets can help reduce the risk of critical head injuries by about 63 to 88 percent, elbow pads protect the elbows up to 82 percent, and knee pads reduce knee injuries by about 32 percent. Whether you use your e-scooter for work or leisure, thinking about your safety goes a long way.

Drive with caution

Be not a reckless driver when sporting on your e-scooter. Studies show that scooting leads to falls due to collision with a car, hitting a curb, and running into inanimate objects and pedestrians. Reports also showed that e-scooter head injuries involved innocent pedestrians.

Planning ahead of time is another way to keep your safety in check. This means you need to know the scooter regulations of your destination, the traffic flow, and the best routes that enable you to ride more safely.

Avoid tandem rides

A study at UCLA found that tandem rides were a common practice in scooting, which can be an issue since the other person doesn’t have something to hold on to.

Besides, scooters have a weight limit of 220 pounds. Too much weight may reduce the functionality and balance of your scooter, making you accountable when accidents arise. As much as possible ride solo no matter what.

Avoid scooting after a heavy drink

While drivers under the influence of alcohol aren’t advised to drive any vehicle, the same should apply to e-scooter drivers. According to the CDC and UCLA studies, some e-scooter injuries were caused by drinking.  About 35 percent of the respondents admitted to drinking alcohol 12 hours before they got injured.

If you need to get home after a heavy drink, finding alternative transportation is the best way to stay safe, such as calling a ride or by walking to public transportation.

Read the manual

Every technical thing you purchase comes with a reader’s manual. Don’t let yours sit in the corner of your house. Manuals provide you lots of valuable information from operating the product to its maintenance and safety practices. Once you’re familiar with the ins and outs of your electronic scooter, things would be a lot easier to handle or manage including injury prevention.

Take it slow at first

e-scooter stuntsSome scooters can run as fast as 50 to 60 miles an hour. If you need to test drive your scooter with this mileage, you better ask help from someone skilled at scooter operation to do the honors for you.

Don’t ride your scooter fast when it’s your first time so that you’ll avoid accidents and injuries or hurting other people. Moreover, start to practice wearing protective gear right from the start.

Don’t ignore traffic signs, signals, and lane markings

When riding on the street, following traffic signs and other safety measures help you stay safe.

Keep yourself healthy

This last one is a no brainer since you can’t ride safely when you’re unhealthy. You won’t be out on a scooter when you’re feeling weak, less energized, and unable to focus.

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