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The Effects of Having a Small Penis on a Man

by Jonathan Gravel

Having a small penis can affect man’s life in significant ways, especially if he lets it. Men who fall in the below-average range would have imagined the course of their lives being different with a larger penis. Though at first, it seems like a trivial matter, a lot of men take the issue seriously. Its effects on one’s confidence, relationships, and overall life are also of great importance.

For some men, the thought of having a larger penis is short-lived. They don’t invest much into it and so the thought doesn’t go further from just being a fleeting idea. For others, the thought of what life could be with greater manhood is more profound. Hence, the frustration over their small penis can become eventually damaging, to the point of bringing negativity to one’s life.

The good news is that there are treatments that men can go through in the present times. For those men who can’t just shake off the feeling of inadequacy over a small penis, these treatments can be the answer for them. There are pills, devices, and more. And the demand is actually pretty high, but why the need for such improvements?

The effects of having a small penis on a man can be divided into two: physical and psychological.

Physical effects

The Effects of Having a Small Penis on a ManFor some guys, the size of their penis can stop them from having a satisfying sex. It can also hinder them from giving a satisfying experience to their partners. Men with smaller penises may find it difficult to have sex in certain angles or positions. In worst cases, like having a micropenis, which is characterized by the penis being less than two inches even when erect, sex can become almost impossible.

Men who have micropenis can even find it tough to urinate while standing. The inability to perform such task and the incapacity to have sex and pleasure someone else, which other men treat as natural, can have immense psychological effects on those who suffer from it.

Over time, these physical effects become both a mental and an emotional burden, leading men with penis size problems to live a life that’s not happy and full.

Psychological effects

Numerous researches suggest that it’s important for men to pleasure their partners during sex. In their minds, the size of their penis is associated with the level of satisfaction they want to impart with during sex. Thus, if a man thinks his penis is too short to satisfy his partner, it can lead to psychological issues, aggravating his feeling of inadequacy.

The anxiety over one’s inability to bring sexual satisfaction and the resulting low self-esteem could result to performance anxiety-triggered erectile dysfunction. It is also not uncommon for men to get depressed when facing this predicament because of the negative effects it has on their relationships and lives in general. Depression, of course, will affect his overall life and not just his sex life. In this case, it becomes more serious.

Emotionally, guys will avoid relationships, attachments, and even casual sexual encounters with others in order to prevent the possibility of being mocked for having a small penis. Not being able to overcome this fear and develop great relationships will apparently have a poor impact on anyone’s life. This is aggravated by the fact that most men don’t discuss this issue with others, not even the doctors because they’re too embarrassed about it.

Potential treatments

The Effects of Having a Small Penis on a Man

As mentioned, there’s a wide assortment of treatments a man can choose in order to help him lessen or eliminate his penis troubles. These treatments are also a great alternative to surgeries, which can be risky. The most well-known solutions available in the market today are male enhancement pills and penis extender devices.

The former can be efficient in boosting the size of the penis because they basically work to augment blood flow to the penis’ chambers. With more blood, the penis becomes more enlarged during erection. Some pills are taken pre-sex in order to help with erection. Others are consumed on a regular basis on a significant period of time to make sure that you’re able to perform whenever the situation allows it.

The primary goal of male enhancement pills is actually to address erectile dysfunction. Nonetheless, a well-known side effect associated with use is a more massive erection. As soon as one stops taking them, the effects disappear and the penis goes back to its actual size. However, there are some brands that claim to increase a man’s penis size on a more permanent basis.

Penis extenders, on the other hand, are deemed to be safe and effective in increasing a penis for good. It is used by putting it on the penis where it gently wields a force of pressure, stretching the penis at a certain angle. The stretching this device makes causes tiny tears to develop in the penis tissue. These tears are said to be not felt or seen by the user.

When the tears finally have a figure, the body heals itself by producing healthy skin tissue to fill in the gaps. As this takes place, the penis enlarges. The method used here is called traction.

While there are always questions of safety and effectiveness, a man who is resolute in doing what he can to increase his manhood will always find ways to end his affliction.

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