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Evo Brain Pill Review: How Harmless and Efficient is this Product?

by Jonathan Gravel

Getting to Know Evo Brain Pill

This nootropic is being branded by its manufacturer to come from purely natural ingredients, which enable your brain to reach new levels of greatness with promised enhanced focus and memory. Basically Evo Brain Pill is an addition in the already prolific industry of brain supplements.

On the other hand, there is uncertainty as to the efficacy of this product. Will Evo Brain Pill really make a difference in terms of your cognitive functions or is it another form of trick? In this article, we will discuss Evo Brain Pill further to give you a more definite answer.

What are the Ingredients in Evo Brain Pill?

The main component in Evo Brain Pill’s formula is Royal Bee Pollen, which its manufacturer claims to be 100% pure and natural. This is the same with another product, the NATUREBEE Potentiated Bee Pollen. Below are the remaining ingredients in Evo Brain Pill:

Thiamin 40mg shutterstock_126766466

Niacin 25mg

Vitamin B6 500mcg

Vitamin B5 30mg

Bee Pollen 400mg

Caffeine 75mg

And others

Also: There’s a text beside Evo Brain Pill’s label, which references Meclofenoxate. This is strange since this ingredient is nowhere to be seen on the label.

Evo Brain Pill is also being touted by its manufacturer to have gone through over five decades of clinical research. This is in addition to having the most meticulous system of choosing their ingredients and proper blending to reach the ultimate formula. Listed below are the advantages that Evo Brain Pill is said to offer:

Better concentration

Developed short and long-term memory

Heightened energy

Improved mood

Boosted IQ

Excellent brain abilities

Evo Brain Pills are in the form of capsules. This brain supplement also provides an instantaneous release formulation that enables the positive effects to become visible in a short period of time. Every dose of Evo Brain Pill corresponds to two capsules.

Evo Brain Pill Cost and Refund Regulations

Evo Brain Pill can only be bought directly from the manufacturer with the following selections with corresponding prices:

1-Month Supply: $39.95

2-Month Supply: $64.95

3-Month Supply: $89.95

On Evo Brain Pill’s site, it states that you can get the product within the day if your order can be received by the company by 5 PM.

Moreover, Evo Brain Pill’s manufacturer allows a 30-day money back guarantee with less shipping and handling fees as well as a $5 restocking fee. If you’re a first-time buyer and you want to request for a refund, you have to call this number first: 866-305-6665. This is to get Return Merchandise Authorization or RMA # first.

Evo Brain Pill in its Brain-Enhancement Claims

Will this brain supplement, in reality, improve your mental functions? We have done our research about the product and have assessed it, as well. As a result, we don’t think Evo Brain Pill is worth your money. The reasons for this as follows:

The Manufacturer Claims Evo Brain Pill Went Through 50 Years of Research

shutterstock_384995473As mentioned above, the company behind Evo Brain Pill asserts that the product’s safety and effectiveness is guaranteed because of the 50 years of clinical research it undertook. It is even stated on the website that Evo Brain Pill’s is the Number 1 focus supplement for the year 2014. Neither of these claims have any clinical or actual evidence as to their veracity. While there are a few studies indicated on the website, these studies are only about the ingredients and not the product itself.

Evo Brain Pill Official Website

Evo Brain Pill’s official site does not leave a good impression. It is outdated and hard to explore. In order to find a label and a list of ingredients, we have to conduct a search out of the website, which is inconvenient. Also, professional reviews, and even those reviews by customers have reached an agreement that Evo Brain Pill does not have anything that proves it can actually enhance mental functions or sustain overall brain wellness.

Consumer Feedbacks

Unfortunately for Evo Brain Pill, most of the reviews online for this product are not good. Most users criticize the supplement for not producing any results at all, in contrast to its very promising claims. More importantly, the company behind Evo Brain Pill, Innovated Health LLC, has an F rating with the Better Business Bureau because it received 12 closed complaints in the last 3 years, complaints which the company did not respond to. The complaints stem from the company’s unsuccessful handing out of refunds, failure to serve customers proficiently, and the cases where customers don’t receive any shipments.

Evo Brain Pill’s Claimed Endorsements

According to the site, Evo Brain Pill has been featured on multiple television shows in the United States, such as on NBC, USA Today, and CNNHealth when there are no links showing these features. This could mean that this is another hype or gimmick to mislead people into thinking that the product is well-known and highly regarded. To avoid getting fooled by such tricks, read the article 6 Ways to Spot a Scam Website in Less than 30 Seconds on HighYa.

Evo Brain Pill’s Primary Pollen Ingredient

As stated earlier, Evo Brain Pill’s most vital component is bee pollen. This means that if you have sensitivity or allergies to this ingredient, Evo Brain Pill is not suitable for you. Furthermore, the bee pollen itself is not backed by any scientific evidence that it is capable of bringing brain improvements or any other health benefits. To be safe, consult with your doctor before proceeding to take any new supplements.

Evo Brain Pill Final Recommendation

Based on what we found out and other important observations, we believe there are similar products that come from companies with good reputation. This way, you can feel confident that the supplement you’re taking is not a fake. Evo Brain Pill’s manufacturer and its poor customer service, in addition to the lack of clinical verification to support its claims aren’t good signs.

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