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Are You Exercising to Lose More Weight? Use HIIT!

by Jonathan Gravel

Use HIIT! What is this? It is a type of exercising that boosts your metabolism, energy, burns off more calories and helps you to lose weight. Higher Intensity Interval Training exercises are what you need if you want to lose weight quicker. When going for a weight loss exercise plan that works, it is understandable that you don’t want to wait months to see a decent amount of progress. Well, with HIIT, you don’t have to wait as long. This type of exercise program is becoming very popular and you will see that it can help you with weight loss too. With HIIT, you get to burn off calories, faster than just about any other exercise program out there.

What is HIIT?

When you are looking into using HIIT as your exercise program for weight loss, it is important that you understand more about what it is. This is an exercise program that is used to boost your training performance. You will have shorter sessions but higher results. This type of exercise is of the cardiovascular type and it works to burn off fat.

What are some of the benefits of HIIT?

preview-full-455244971Now that you understand the basics of what HIIT exercising is and you know that it will help you to lose weight, you should know more about the detailed benefits it provides to you. With HIIT, each session will be quite short. This means that no matter how busy you are, you can still fit in some HIIT sessions multiple times during the week. Another benefit of HIIT is that your metabolism will stay up for about one day after you have finished a session. This means you are burning off fat even when you aren’t working out. You can even find HIIT machines that help you to get the hang of these workouts if you aren’t familiar enough with them yet. You can even do these workouts with an exercise bike.

What can your experience with HIIT be like?

If you want to lose weight by using HIIT, it is helpful to know what your experience will be like. With this type of interval training, you can run or work out in reps. You can start by going up and down a hill while tracking your time. When you just go up and down a hill once, you may not see many benefits. However, when doing HIIT, you will go up and down that same hill about ten times before finishing your session. After doing that example, you will notice that your heart rate stays elevated even after you have finished. This shows that you are still burning off calories after you have finished your workouts for the day.

Are there other interval workouts you can do along with HIIT?

preview-full-what-is-the-best-hiit-workout-v2-3-640xhYou now know that HIIT work out sessions can help you to lose weight. You should also know that there are other types of interval training exercises that can help you lose weight as well.

One example is the use of an exercise bike. You will warm up for about five minutes. Then you pedal as hard and as fast as you can for ten seconds and then slowly for ten seconds. You will do that for ten minutes. Then you will finish by cooling down for five minutes.

If you are a runner, you can do a HIIT workout session that involved warming up for two miles. Then you will run about eight hundred meters as hard and as fast as you can. Then you will rest for about two minutes. Then you will run that distance hard again. You should do that eight to ten times and then you will have finished your workout session with HIIT.

When trying to lose weight, there are many exercise programs you can try. Many men are enjoying all the benefits they get from HIIT including the major weight they are able to lose. If you haven’t tried doing this type of exercise before, you need to know a couple things. First, you must stay hydrated when doing this type of work out and after the session is over as well. You should also know that having a work out buddy for HIIT sessions is highly recommended. Lastly, taking NitroGenix 365 supplements will help you get even more benefits from these work out sessions.

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