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Your Favorite Sex Position and What It Means

by Jonathan Gravel

Some men find missionary the hottest while some like it when the woman is on top. Whatever your favorite sex position is, it’s more than the sex style that delivers the best orgasm. It has something to do with your personality, too; at least subconsciously. Below are men’s most loved sex positions and what it says about you.


preview-full-shutterstock_544744618The most basic of all, missionary sex is the position that’s taught you to have sex. It’s the position that even made you understand sex better and helped you understand yourself as a lover and a giver of pleasure. If you’re into missionary more and it’s one that triggers you to reach your climax, what could that mean for you?

Author of NeuroLoveology: The Power to Mindful Love & Sex Ava Cadell this means you’re a little insecure as you need reassurance by seeing your partner being responsive. This may also mean you like control as being on top of her gives you the utmost power. It has its sexual benefits like there’s more intimacy in it given its face-to-face. However, the position being basic could also mean that you’re not confident of doing other moves. As Cadell had put it, it’s romantic but not adventurous.

Doggy Style

Every guy loves the doggy style. Some believe this is how men are supposed to have sex given its animalistic nature. On the other hand, men who love this position are seen as unromantic. Sex is deeper and fiercer from behind, but it also means there’s no opportunity for intimacy unless you whisper promises of eternal love from behind, which is sort of unlikely.

Girl on Top

Men who love their women on top are possibly concerned with satisfying their partners. It implies that while you’re confident in being submissive, you also apply dominance at the same time because you’re able to make her come with deeper penetration. It can be sexy and romantic as well because this means you like seeing your girl naked and moving on top of you.


preview-full-shutterstock_501468682Spooning is said to be the go-to position for men who have the gentler side. This is because this position is associated with cuddling and sleeping, which makes it super intimate. Men who love spooning can make his moves while cuddling and kissing her ears, neck, and shoulders. This doesn’t make men weak though. It just means you’re passionate and fervent to please your girl.


With standing position, you can be everywhere. So, men who like this position are thought of being adventurous and are frequently aroused by the thought of being ‘bad’ and playful. If you’re a standing man kind of lover, you’re naughty and gets exhilarated at the idea of being caught. You’re all about fun and being careless with only a little regard of the repercussions.

Which one are you? Remember that it’s still best to switch things up. You can’t be all passionate and you can’t be all naughty. It’s nice to have a bit of variety in the bedroom just as long as you and your partner are comfortable enough to sexually explore each other’s preferences and even sexual fantasies.

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