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Foods that help you build Lean Muscles

by Ken McBride

To get the best out of your bodybuilding journey, you also need to include proper nutrition. To begin your journey of developing lean muscles, you must work out regularly and perform physical activities daily. By doing this, you have already kick-started your journey into developing lean and strong muscles. However, if you do not consume the right foods to developing these lean muscles, there would be little or no progress in developing lean muscles. Research has shown that protein aids immensely in developing your muscles while carbohydrate aids in supplying your body with enough for carrying out basic activities. There are specific foods that aid in developing your muscles. These foods include:


Eggs are well-known for aiding in the proper development of lean and strong muscles. It is rich in proteins, good, fat, and even various other types of vitamins. Proteins are largely made of amino acids and eggs are filled with an amino acid. An amino acid is known to be very essential for proper muscle gain. Asides from an amino acid, the vitamin B contained in eggs aid in the production of energy for the performance of your daily activities.


Foods that help you build Lean Muscles

Another superb form of protein is salmon. Salmon is superb for consumption when it comes to the development of muscles and stability of health functions. It contains a large number of proteins, vitamins, and even fatty acids. The Omega-3 fatty acid which is found in salmons plays a major role in the development of muscles while performing workout routines.

Chicken Breast

The function of chicken breast in muscle building cannot be underrated. Chicken breasts are filled with quality protein which aids in the proper development of your muscles. They are also rich in niacin and B6 which works efficiently when an individual is active. These vitamins aid in ensuring that your body functions in the proper way and manner while exercising to ensure that you gain the most muscles where necessary. Studies have shown that the regular consumption of chicken breast also aids in the loss of weight or fat.

Greek Yogurt

This is another superb source of protein that aids in the proper development of your muscles. Dairy is not only rich in protein, but it also contains vitamins that aid in building lean muscles. Research has shown that Greek yogurt contains more protein than regular yogurt and can be consumed for developing lean muscles.


Research has shown that tuna is rich in proteins and vitamins. Tuna is efficient in developing your health function, energy, and lean muscles. Asides from that, tuna is also rich in Omega-3 fatty acids which aid in supporting the health of your muscle. This is basically for older individuals.

Lean Beef

Lean beef is known for aiding in the growth of lean muscles in individuals. Beef is very rich in protein, creatine, and even minerals. Studies have also shown that the consumption of red meat also aids in the development of muscles. However, you must consume items that would not add fat while trying to develop lean muscles. This is the major reason why lean beef is suitable for weight loss and muscle gaining.


Foods that help you build Lean Muscles

Shrimp is also a great source of protein which aids in the development of strong and lean muscles. Shrimp can be said to be pure protein. The addition of shrimp in your diet ensures that you do not consume too many calories while trying to derive protein from your food. Just like other proteins gotten from animals, shrimps are rich in amino acid which is needed for muscle growth.


This is another superb food which aids in muscle building. Soybeans are rich in healthy fats, vitamins, and of course, proteins. This is a superb source of food which should be taken regularly to ensure that an individual is equipped with vitamins and minerals like phosphorus and even iron.

Cottage cheese

Cottage cheese is another sweet source of protein which is superb and capable of developing lean muscles in individuals coupled with regular exercising. It is rich in amino acid which aids in the proper development of muscles and protein which builds strong muscles. There are various fat percentages attached to the various types of cottage cheese. The cottage cheese you choose depends on the number of calories you want. Asides from that, cottage cheese can be used as a superb snack which aids in building lean and strong muscles.


The development of lean muscles without adding fat is the dream of most individuals. This can be achieved by exercising and consuming the right foods. These foods include eggs, cottage cheese, Greek yogurt, salmon, tuna, and many more.

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