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Formula 41 Extreme shows us what a real male enhancement pill should be like Introduction If you have done a…

Formula 41 Extreme shows us what a real male enhancement pill should be like


If you have done a bit of searching for male enhancement pills, you might have come across Formula 41 Extreme at some point. Formula 41 Extreme is one of the most popular male enhancement pills today, and arguably, it’s also one of the best-selling penis enlargement pills, thanks to its Instant Expansion Technology.

Anyone worth their salt in the supplement industry know that supplements are all about two things – the ingredients and their advertising. Male enhancement pill advertisers tend to falsely advertise their products, claiming benefits that their customers would never experience, which only generates disappointment for the buyers. Formula 41 Extreme claims that it could increase penis size, improve your libido, and enhance your sexual endurance. It’s a tall order for a penis enlargement pill, but if there’s any brand that could do it, they say that it would only be Formula 41 Extreme. Is it all hype? Check out the technology in Formula 41 Extreme and decide for yourself:


The core ingredient of Formula 41 Extreme is L-Arginine. L-Arginine is known in the bodybuilding supplement market as an effective nitric oxide booster, which is helpful to improve pump and muscle recovery. An even more concentrated form of L-Arginine is even more effective in the supplement industry as it has the ability to dilate the blood vessels that supply blood to the penis. With an increased volume of blood flowing to the penis on a regular basis, the smooth muscles lining the penile chambers will adapt to the volume and naturally expand, effectively making the penis bigger permanently.

Tongkat Ali and Tribulus Terrestris are the main aphrodisiac compounds of the formula. These two ingredients have the ability to increase testosterone levels, which would in effect increase the libido of the user. Tongkat Ali also has Ca2+ inhibitor properties, which enable users to enjoy longer-lasting erections.

Maca Root functions as the primary hormone regulator of the formula. With Maca Root, users can have full control over their orgasms by inhibiting the chemicals in your brain that prevents men from feeling aroused following an orgasm.

Muira Puama functions as the fast-acting agent in the formula. Muira Puama is easily absorbed by the body, which allows users to experience an increase in libido in just 30 minutes after taking the pill. Muira Puama triggers the effects of Formula 41 Extreme, and the rest of the benefits that Formula 41 Extreme has would shortly follow.


Formula 41 Extreme absolutely is worthy of the attention it gets from the male enhancement supplement industry. From its accurate formula to its money-back guarantee – everything just screams legit. Anyone who has been involved in the supplement industry knows that Formula 41 Extreme is a game-changer, and it would dictate how penis enlargement pills would be made from now on. Supplement companies need to take notes from Formula 41 Extreme and tweak it to make an even more impressive product.