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From Diet to Exercise, This is How to Keep Your Penis Healthy

by Grace Sianna
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In a perfect world, a man would be able to have an erection and be ready for sexual penetration at any time of the day. Unfortunately, we do not live in a perfect world and the penis is known to be susceptible to many conditions – some that can directly affect the penis, and many that affect the function of the penis. Disease, health ailments, medication, and even several lifestyle factors and habits can have a major impact on how well a man is able to perform in the bedroom. While some factors can contribute to great abilities of the penis, others impair the function of the penis and cause erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, and several other problems. It is, however, possible for a man to improve penis health by simply following a couple of important lifestyle modifications to ensure he is always able to be that “alpha male” he is expected to be.

Important Strategies for Improving Penis Health

Men’s Health explains that a healthy man that is 50 years of age may have similar sexual abilities compared to a man who is 30, yet adopts unhealthy lifestyle habits such as excessive alcohol usage and smoking. This fact is solid proof that how we live often decides how we perform in different areas of life – not only at work or on the field when playing sports, for example, but also in the bedroom. To boost penis health, a man should not only consider the wellbeing of this penis, but also the state-of-health his entire body is in. A healthy body is known to contribute to better sexual performance; thus, also ensuring the penis stays in shape. Let’s look at some essential strategies that men can use to improve their penile function and wellbeing.

1. Exercise More Frequently

early morning runPhysical exercise is very important for every single person on this plant. For men, the benefits of physical exercise may stretch further than a masculine physique as many scientific studies have proven physical exercise not only to be an effective way to improve their erectile function but also to help men overcome many types of sexual disorders that may be affecting their ability to perform well during sex. For those looking at what are the best exercises to improve penis health, a lot of researches recommends push-ups, jumping on a trampoline and doing some Kegel exercises.

2. Lose Excess Weight and Achieve A Healthy BMI

Maintaining a healthy weight also plays a major role in a man’s ability to boost penis health and overcome some commonly diagnosed sexual disorders. Obesity can contribute to poor sexual performance in multiple ways. It affects a man’s self-confidence; thus, reducing his sexual desire as he may not feel confident in the bedroom. Obesity is also linked to reduced energy levels, which means the man would not be able to perform for long periods of time without end as he will become tired too quickly. VeryWell explains that recent studies have also declared sexual dysfunction one of the many side-effects or symptoms that obesity causes in a man.

3. Make Smarter Food Choices

Following a busy life does not mean you have to restrict your daily meals to bags of potato chips and other unhealthy snacks. For those who are wondering what are the best foods for improving penis health, the answer lies mostly within whole foods that have not gone through intensive processing. Healthline recommends also making oysters, salmon, seeds, nuts, garlic, and apples a part of your diet. Including a variety of meat products can also be helpful due to the nutrients they continue. Additionally, the consumption of red wine is also known to improve erectile function and sexual performance in men.

4. A Healthy Heart Means A Healthy Penis

The heart is one of the most important parts of the human body, pumping blood throughout the body to deliver nutrients, oxygen and blood supply to organs and all bodily tissues. Unfortunately, a lot of men often fails to attend to the wellbeing of their heart, and this may, in turn, hurt their penis. Mayo Clinic explains that erectile dysfunction is considered an early sign that a man is developing heart disease in many cases. Attending to heart health does not have to be hard. Eat more fish, do not smoke, limit alcohol consumption and exercise regularly – these will all contribute to a healthier heart and, in turn, also a healthier penis.

5. Quit Your Unhealthy Lifestyle Habits

Millions of people have adopted numerous unhealthy habits in their lives, without paying too much attention to the detrimental effects that these habits have on their wellbeing and their day-to-day activities. Smoking is known to be one of the biggest contributors to reduced penile function and the development of symptoms related to sexual dysfunctions. Apart from smoking, the abuse of illegal drugs, as well as drinking too much alcohol, can also have adverse effects on a man’s sex life.

6. Have Some Sleep

The general population is already aware of the importance that sleep plays in their general wellbeing. Those who have experienced sleep deficiency often find that they are much more likely to be involved in an accident, but sleep deficiency really has many other adverse effects on the body as well. Not gaining enough sleep can cause high blood pressure, reduce heart health, impair mental performance and even affect a man’s performance in the bedroom.

7. Make Relaxation Techniques an Important Part of Your Life

Stress affects us all, but how we deal with the daily stressors in our lives makes a big difference as to the level of impact they have in our lives. Stress can wreak havoc on a person’s life, reducing their cognitive performance, impairing heart health and causing fatigue, amongst other side-effects. Sex can also have an impact on a man’s sex life and penis health. Constricted blood vessels, for example, may reduce erectile potency in a man, while large amounts of stress can lead to depression; thus, causing the man’s libido to become depleted.

8. Get Regular Check-ups at Your Healthcare Provider

doctor consultationSexual disorders are real and they can not only cause harm to your sex life but also your relationship and even your overall health. In many cases, a healthcare provider may discover that sexual problems a man is experiencing are signs of an underlying medical condition that is developing, with heart disease and conditions affecting the blood vessels being some of the most common. Attending to these problems can greatly help men recover from the sexual disorders they are experiencing and may also help them detect potentially dangerous health conditions before they cause complications. Furthermore, a digital rectal exam should also be conducted frequently to ensure the growth of the prostate can be detected and attended to should they occur.

9. Do Not Overdo It

Masturbation is a great way for men to experience sexual satisfaction when a sexual partner is not nearby and also a good way to spend some time with themselves, but it is important not to overdo things. This strategy does not only account for masturbation, but also for sexual intercourse. Modern Ghana explains that, even though there isn’t really something like “overdoing” it for women, men should be careful when it comes to being too rough during sex or when it comes to having too much sex. This can cause damage to the penis, which may in some cases even be permanent.


The penis is considered one of the most important factors of sexual intercourse; thus, issues concerning the penis may cause sex to become unpleasant and even uncomfortable. Men who are suffering from problems related to the function of their penis should be aware of strategies they can utilize to improve penis health, such as the ones we have shared in this post. Many of the strategies we have shared here do not only play a part in improving penile function and a man’s sexual performance but may also aid in other areas of the man’s general health.

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