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Gaining Weight in Relationships Happens

by Grace Sianna
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          I bet you’re wondering why you’ve gained a few extra pounds ever since you’ve been in a relationship with your significant other. Well, I want to start by telling you that it’s normal to have your weight go up during this period of your life. And now, I’m going to tell you why it’s normal for this to happen.

          Being in a relationship makes us happy. We genuinely enjoy being comforted by that other person, being taken on dates by that other person, and getting all intimate with that other person. We allow that other person to see sides of us that no one else ever sees, and that my friend, includes eating.

          But, when in a relationship, men and women tend to eat healthier together. And, due to the fact that we’re so happy while with one another, we also tend to smoke less and drink less alcohol then our opposites: single people. So, if we’re consuming a better diet, staying a way from cigarettes/marijuana, and putting the bottle down, why are we gaining weight in the long run?

          Even though men and women tend to be happy in relationships more often than not, there are still occasions where couples are either unhappy or just plain comfortable with each other. This tends to lead to more lazy activities like watching TV together and sitting on the couch with a couple of beers accompanying them; And nothing is better (and worse) than relaxing beside your hunny while binge watching your favorite television show together while getting a little tipsy.

couple selfie while eating fast food burger          There’s more, though. Even when couples are happy, the facts state that more nutritional meals are consumed. However, even though the meals are more nutritional, that doesn’t mean that they eat less. Typically, healthy meals are put on the table, but more of the healthy food is consumed (because hey, it’s delicious!). This, in turn, leads to weight gain for one, or both, of the people within the relationship. To avoid gaining a few pounds, make sure you learn how to give sufficient portions during mealtime. Eating enough to fill your stomach should suffice, no need to overstuff yourself just because your significant other is an amazing cook.


The reasons for weight gain among couples continue.

          Couples have several obligations they are required to fulfill together (or at least most do). For example, family meals once a week or once a month spring to most men and women’s minds when they are asked about what obligations they fulfill together. And, once again, healthier meals are more likely than not to be present at such family gatherings. Foods consist of vegetables, fruits, etc. However, once again, people tend to eat more of the healthy foods, therefore consuming more calories, which in turn promote weight gain. In these circumstances, it can be considered social eating; Many feel more comfortable while their significant other is eating, so they end up eating a little more than planned, together, at such functions.

          What’s more is that kids often contribute to wait gain in couples, too. Even if they aren’t your kids, simply having kids around can promote the gaining of weight. Why? Well, isn’t the answer obvious? Because when kids around, adults (and couples) feel the need to pick up or bring some nice sweet treats for them. And, when the kids have eaten their share and go upstairs to bed, the adults and couples are drawn to the leftovers. They don’t think that this contributes to those extra pounds that they see on the scale, but it does.

          And finally, the obvious reason that was briefly mentioned earlier: couples get comfortable around each other. Now, that the man and woman in the relationship are in love with the opposite person, they find no need to impress their significant other as much as before. Specifically, married people fit into this reasoning. It seems that once you have met the love of your life, and once you have dedicated yourself to them, you find no need to attract anyone else from that moment on. Don’t get me wrong, this is a good mindset to have, however, getting comfortable is not a good mindset to have. Getting comfortable and gaining weight may make your partner uncomfortable, so try to prevent this from happening.

          Instead, work out together as a couple. It can be fun, trust me.


The benefits to hitting the gym with your partner are amazing.

couple working out at home to lose weight gained together          Once you learn how to work out together, you’ll learn how to be more comfortable around one another, believe it or not. They tend to be more comfortable in the gym while around one another considering that that’s their “person,” and they tend to be more energetic. Also, couples that work out together are happier around one another than those that don’t work out together. By facing weight loss challenges and muscle gain routines, the two of you can gain a better understanding of your relationship while positively impacting each other.

          If you’re thinking about giving the gym a shot with your significant other, try to have fun with it, leak out a few laughs, and try new things together. Test out different squats and lunges to find your niche and your partners’ niche, and then try combining certain exercises the two of you enjoy into each other’s routines. Having your guy or your gal aside of you encouraging growth is the ultimate work out; They won’t want to give in so easily when the burn starts.

          So, plan a gym date night. Working out together will get the two of you hot and heavy, too, in turn giving you something to look forward to at the end of the night.

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