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Goldstar Triple X Pre-Workout Formula – Is it worth it?

by Jonathan Gravel
Goldstar Triple X Pre-Workout Formula - Is it worth it?

Sometimes a little assistance is needed. You may be considering using supplements to help you with aspects of your daily life and health as well as needing advise on which ones are the best! But don’t worry, we are here for that and provide reviews that you can trust.Based on the facts received from clinical trial results and thorough research, we can offer you information that you can rely on.

What is the purpose of the product?

Muscle growthGoldstar Triple X Pre-Workout is a product manufactured in the USA with ingredients that have been FDA approved.

The formula that uses a tyrosine component promises to induce skin splitting muscle pumps, increase aggression in the gym and generate significant muscle growth without having the same consequences of a crash inflicted by stimulants.

As well as mentally preparing you for exercise, this supplement works by increasing the amount of blood flow to muscle cells. It delivers sufficient nutrients and oxygen while simultaneously removing lactic acid which is accumulated within the muscles and is known to cause pain. When this substance is left to store it becomes uncomfortable and signals are created for contractions to stop the pain.

Gradually motivating you for training, this  formula uses potent herbs that also help to burn fat and reduce the workout recovery period.

Which formula is used?

Goldstar Triple X Pre-Workout Formula - IngredientsN-Acetyl-L-Tyrosine which boosts the mood and attitude towards working out. It can also relieve any anxiety that might be associated with use of stimulants.

Arginine Alpha Ketoglutarate (AAKG) which increases blood flow by promoting synthesis of nitric oxide and allows for longer performance eliminating the chances of fatigue. This component is also a potent antioxidant.

L-Citrulline Malate which converts to arginine in the body and then to nitric oxide while upregulating the enzyme NOS which produces this substance.

Methylxanthine Anhydrous which boosts alertness and thus allows for mental focus and clarity. It fights symptoms of drowsiness and fatigue.

Beta-Alanine which reduces the chances of fatigue and allows muscular contractions for longer period of time.

Di-Creatine Malate which buffers lactic acid levels and extends periods of energy production which enables more reps and avoids  fatigue.

Working to suppress the appetite, this product is excellent for anaerobic exercise sessions. It stimulates the nervous system which creates intensity for exercise and generates muscle growth.

Those with heart issues are strongly advised against this product. Anyone who is underway with other medications should check with a pharmacist or physician before beginning to using this product. Exceeding the recommended amount is strictly forbidden.

Some side effects may occur as a result of consumption, including: dizziness, diarrhea, headaches, palpitations, insomnia. It is crucial to keep out of reach of children.


For the price of thirty serving is $36.95, depending on which retailer you choose. One scoop should be taken in the morning before you intend to work out for the best results.


Nitro Genix 365 is, in fact, the number one brand for just $19.95 for a one month supply! There are several advantages of opting for this product (other than the price) including the fact that it has been clinically proved to be the most advanced and safe formula of its kind and the fact that is is in an easy to consume pill form instead of a powder.

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