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GymVixen™ Sexy Ripped – Will this product do what it says on the tin?

by Jonathan Gravel
GymVixen™ Sexy Ripped - Will this product do what it says on the tin?

To figure out which product is going to work best for you, as far as natural remedies are concerned, we have set out and written reviews that you can rely on for the facts.

Product description

GymVixen™ have created their first fat burning product Sexy Ripped. This is the newest product made by the company and is designed for women.

After creating whey protein, pre-workouts, and post-workouts as the norm they thought they would offer something a little different to help women burn fat!


The ingredients contain nine key elements.

Formula of GymVixen™ Sexy RippedFirstly, B vitamins as they are used because they are known to generate energy. They play a big role in metabolism which is why vitamins B6 and B12 are used. They improve protein and carbohydrate absorption. Due to increasing energy weight loss is a result.

One of the most commonly used energy boosters is Caffeine Anhydrous as this substance also has several fat burning benefits. Because having extra energy increases capabilities of burning calories this also increases fat loss.

A form of bitter orange extract is Advantra Z which is a popular ingredient commonly used in weight loss products as it contains synephrine and this is an alkaloid which supports a fast metabolism without inflicting negative side effects to blood pressure for the heart rate.

A plant found in India contains the extract Garcinia Cambogia and this substance has been used in traditional medicine for many years. It contains hydroxycitric acid (HCA) which works in two ways in order to reduce fat:

  1. Reducing the appetite which helps you to lower the calorie intake.
  2. Preventing new fat creation and accelerating visible results.

Finally, ThermoDiamine which is a special form of the plant extract evodiamine and increases catecholamine output which is necessary for fat oxidation.

Unlike most other products of this nature, this supplement does not use any proprietary blends.


120 capsules will set you back for $49.95 and last you for one month. There is a money back guarantee if you were to not be fully satisfied.

Two capsules are recommended for the first two days to test if you are tolerant enough. Take before breakfast and then another two in the afternoon if you can handle it.

It is not wise to exceed more than four capsules in a day.

Our conclusion

Burn fatThere are two issues with this product – the first is that is was specially designed for women and the next is the fact that it contains caffeine. You can opt for a stimulant free product no problem if you wish to avoid nasty side effects that may come along as part of the package.

The number one leading brands on the market of today are, in fact, Flat Belly and GarciniaX. Both of which were clinically proven to be the most advanced formulas as they use special blends of herbs and natural ingredients. For example, GaciniaX contains the likes of Potassium, Magnesium and Calcium – all of which are 100% safe to consume and beneficial to the human body.

For either of these two amazing products you will only pay $19.95 for a one month supply.

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