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Habits to Develop for a Healthier Sex Drive

by Grace Sianna

At first, sex drive (libido) is rampant. Everything works twice as fast and better on a teenager. As age comes, it begins to slow down. Aging is not always the primary reason it decreases but, the responsibilities that come with age put a stop to it. It may be problems at work or at home. It may be physical or emotional. Many factors can affect it.

All hope is not lost, though. There’s no need for a prescription drug or non-prescription drugs to treat a low sex drive. It’s all about the person’s lifestyle. There are changes people can make in their lives that will help them to have a better sex drive and lead a happier sex life.

Get some sun

Little known fact, the sun doesn’t give Vitamin D. Exposure to the sun causes the body to produce vitamin D. It can also be consumed in foods and supplements. However, the sun is the number one source of vitamin D. It’s healthy, natural, and free. Why not take advantage of it?

Vitamin D helps the body in multiple ways. It maintains the bones and teeth healthy. It regulates insulin levels. It supports the immune system, brain, nervous system, and the cardiovascular systems

Increases libido in men is just a bonus. It happens from an increase on the testosterone levels.

Eat more fish oil

Habits to Develop for a Healthier Sex DriveFish oil supports production of healthy cholesterol. Good cholesterol is one of the main components of testosterone. It will lower risk of inflammation which increases testosterone. People with depression have lower levels of omega-3s found in fish. Fish oil helps in treating depression and certain other mental illnesses. It maintains the skin healthy and help in repairing damages done by too much exposure to the sun.

Overall, fish oil helps people feel better about themselves. They have a better mental help and look better. Those two are factors in how sexually active a person is.

Get enough sleep

It’s hard to get a full eight hours of sleep every night. There’s always something to do. Often, there’s the feeling that some hours are missing. The day needs more hours to do everything that needs to be done.

Unfortunately, no one is going to get more than 24 hours in a day. So, the best way is to organize, plan, and tighten the daily schedules. Skipping on sleep to get work done may sound like a good idea until everyone realize that it’s destroying our health.

Less sleep get people cranky and unhappy. It’s also proven that it can cause lower testosterone levels. In order to have a healthy sex drive, a good night sleep is on order.


A healthy body can help to solve many problems. Exercising increases mood and strength. Both the body and all its systems become fitter and healthier. People who are satisfied with their self-image tend to reach out more to others. They are easier going and willing to take more risks.

Exercising gets the blood pumping in the entire body including the nether regions. People are more inclined to sexual activities. They also get a good amount of confidence boost. The world is just a better place with people in a good mood which fitness can provide.


Habits to Develop for a Healthier Sex DriveStress can bring down the libido of the best and most confident performer out there. It doesn’t help that the stress hormone and the sex hormone are interconnected. Problems with either can affect the other one negatively.

Ergo, take some personal times to enjoy life. Everybody relax in different ways. The way doesn’t matter. Pick up a book, go to the beach, or take a yoga class. It’s all the same as long it’s relaxing.

The point is just to live the body free of stress so it can enjoy things more. Anyone would be more incline for sex if they’re relaxed and happy.

Take vitamins A and E

Eating healthy is a good way to start but some nutrients are not very abundant in the world. They are necessary for a person’s health but, popular food often lack the amount needed. Taking vitamins and other supplements can help to compensate for that lack.

Vitamin A strengthens the immune system and clears up skin. It helps in muscle growth and bone health. It slows the effects of aging, lowers cholesterol levels, and protects the reproductive health.

Vitamin E also regulates cholesterol and protects the skin against free radicals with its antioxidants. It can help to reduce PMS symptoms by reducing stress and cramping. It promotes muscle strength and development and improve the metabolic rate.

Although they can help in many health issues, these vitamins are only needed in traces. It’s vital to not overdose on them. Also, it’s always safer to ask a doctor’s opinion before starting on any type of vitamins or supplements.

Slow down on smoking and drinking

A little bit of alcohol helps to set the mood but too much will kill it. Too much alcohol can damage the ability to have and maintain an erection. It can increase the risk of erectile dysfunction and decrease the ability to orgasm. Smoking can decrease sex drive. It drains the blood circulation from oxygen which makes it incapable of function.

Blood flow decreases in all area of the body including the sex organs.

In order to have and maintain a healthy sex drive, it’s better to stay away from the booze and smoke. They may sound appealing in their own way but, they pose a threat to more than the libido.

Decrease in sex drive is not always a medical problem. There are many habits that are contributing to it. Most of those habits are not hard to quit. The hardest part is to identify them. Once they are identified, there are plenty of ways to reverse the effects and reclaim your sexual freedom.

If those changes don’t help, it may be wise to visit a health care provider. Sexual health is as important as mental and physical health.

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