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Here’s Why You Should Masturbate Tonight

by Grace Sianna
man reaching inside jeans to masturbate after taking Progentra

Masturbating is actually really good for you, fellas. Not only that, but it’s also super relaxing and it reduces stress levels tenfold. Even health care professionals encourage it! In fact, even some medical personnel state that masturbating should be incorporated into men’s daily routines, just like brushing your teeth everyday is a daily necessity.

Enough talk about that, though. Let’s get into all the health benefits that masturbation has to offer for you guys. Let the fun begin!

Masturbation helps lower your risk of prostate cancer.

I know this statistic will be hard to believe, but try to put your faith in me; Medical professionals have actually found that men who ejaculate on average 20 to 22 times per month have a lower risk of getting prostate cancer. To be more specific, those who masturbate between 20 and 22 times per month actually reduce their risk by approximately 35%. That’s crazy!

Go home and masturbate everyone. You don’t want to have prostate cancer in the future.

Masturbation makes you harder.

Now, this may come as a shock to you, but the older you get, the less muscle mass you have. In other words, as you age, your muscles become weaker (unless you keep up with work outs and all that stuff). In addition, the muscle tone in your penis also becomes weaker (hence erectile dysfunction generally happening in men ages 50 and up).

However, you can stop erectile dysfunction from happening if you masturbate more in your younger years. Having regular sex, or masturbating regularly, actually works out the muscles in and around your pelvis. This, in turn, prevents erectile dysfunction and even gets rid of incontinence.

Let me briefly explain in some detail:

man looking delighted at his morning woodWhen you get an erection, the smooth muscle in your penis gets a ‘workout.’ This ‘workout’ promotes a healthy flow of blood and oxygen to the penis, therefore ensuring the muscles are able to work properly when it comes time for sex, ejaculation, etc. And, just like any other muscle, the more you work out the smooth muscle in your penis, the better it will be at performing its particular activities, such as becoming hard for times of intercourse.

Medical professionals recommend you masturbate approximately 3 to 5 times a week to achieve the best results.

Masturbation helps you last longer during sex.

Let’s be honest, if the last time you masturbated or had sex was over a week ago, chances are you’ll be ejaculating in no time the next time it happens. It doesn’t come as a shock to any of us. It’s pure science; If a man does not please himself or does not get someone to please him, he will orgasm in just a few minutes the next time any type of sexual encounter happens.

However, there’s a solution to that. If you want to last longer in bed, all you have to do is masturbate on a regular basis. For example, if you want to last during sex later on in the night with your lady or your date, simply masturbate an hour before leaving the house and you should be good to go. Your sense of control will be better than it would’ve been without masturbating.

And, if you’d like to lengthen your lasting time out a little bit more, try timing yourself while you masturbate. If you tend to take two minutes to ejaculate, try stalling until three minutes. Try stalling a little bit more each time until you’ve reached your desired timing. Maybe you can go off of how many strokes it takes you, or maybe you can simply distract yourself. Try stopping and starting up again, too.

There are many approaches you can take to make sure you last longer during sex, just use masturbation as your practice mechanism.

Masturbation can boost your immunity.

Masturbation leads to ejaculation, we all know this. However, did you know that ejaculation leads to an increase in your cortisol levels?

Man pleasuring himself in bed while watching pornOkay, so, cortisol is generally known as the hormone that raises stress levels. That’s not the only thing cortisol does, though. In fact, this little stress-promoting hormone also regulates immunity and maintains a healthy immune system, so long as it’s produced by the body in small doses.

In addition, studies have found that white blood cell counts rise right after a man reaches the brink of orgasm.

Keep it up, boys. Your body needs masturbation to stay healthy.

Masturbation boosts your mood.

Masturbation makes you feel good, there’s no doubt about that. Did you know that it not only makes you feel good emotionally, physically, and psychologically, but it also makes you feel good internally? Allow me to explain.

Masturbation releases many neurochemicals in your body when you reach orgasm. And, it just so happens that these neurochemicals automatically make you feel better. I bet you can guess what at least one of them is: Dopamine. The other is known as oxytocin.

These two chemicals, that are produced by your body naturally, are proven to promote a good spirit attitude, boost satisfaction throughout the body, and activate what is known as the reward circuits deep inside your brain.

To boot, masturbation is the easiest way to gain high levels of dopamine in the body. Plus, it’s an all natural way, which allows you to not put yucky medications in your body that you don’t need.

So, all in all, the message I’m trying to convey with this article is that you should all go home and masturbate. Like now. The sooner the better. The clock is ticking.

Okay, I’m sorry for making you feel pressured. On a serious note, it would be very beneficial to you if you went home tonight and masturbated. Maybe start incorporating masturbation into your regular weekly schedule, or daily schedule, if possible. There’s no harm to it, just don’t get addicted!


By Jenny Lyn

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