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Did you know? Men who have sex more than two times a week are less likely to die from a heart attack and frequent sexual intercourse and masturbation help to reduce the risk of prostate cancer in older men.

During arousal and orgasm, the hypothalamus in the brain releases oxytocin which helps women feel good, so it might interest you to know that women crave to have sexual intercourse just as much as men do. It a commonly known fact that the sexual stamina of a man is no match to that of a woman which is why only 10 percent of women can achieve orgasm during sexual intercourse.

Orgasm and ejaculation in men:

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Orgasm is the peak of sexual arousal when all the muscles that were tightened during sexual arousal contracts, it is sometimes called climaxing. Ejaculation is the release of sperm cells and seminal plasma from the male reproductive organ.

Orgasm and ejaculation are two separate biological phenomena though closely related. During sexual intercourse, orgasm comes before ejaculation. Most men cannot control the immediate urge to ejaculate immediately after climaxing but it comes very easy for women. Men need to ejaculate to fully experience sexual pleasure.

According to Jill M.C. Devitt M.E.D, Ph.D., men can achieve orgasm without ejaculating, this activity is referred to as dry orgasm. Some importance of dry ejaculation for men are:

  • Increased fertility and better sperm quality
  • Improved sexual stamina
  • It increases your interest in having more coitus with your sexual partner

How to orgasm without ejaculating

Another term used to describe orgasm without ejaculating is edging. Edging is a safe and potential and safe practice that helps to improve the sexual vibrancy and helps a man to last longer in bed. The art of edging involves a lot of body experiment, self-control, and impulse control and it takes a great deal of discipline to pull it off.


One of the proven methods to safely practice edging is masturbating. Masturbating multiple times by constant stimulation of your genitalia (penis) and bringing yourself to achieving non-ejaculatory orgasm is a form of edging practice. This has to be done every day or at least five times a week to achieve mastery over controlling your ejaculation. Do this before sex too as it would help you last longer and enjoy sex better.

Don’t use porn if you want to practice masturbatory edging as you might lose awareness of what you are trying to accomplish, and it induces overstimulation which can affect your control over the impulse of ejaculation.


Training yourself to be able to control the urge to ejaculate immediately after orgasm is no easy task, ejaculation occurs with an impulsive force and you need to be at an optimal self-conscious state to manage to control it. A very potent method that helps control the urge is to stop stimulating your genitalia and hold back for some seconds when you notice you are about to ejaculate.

Some other methods include changing your position and distracting yourself with other thoughts. Edging does not force your semen back up, when you practice edging multiple times and you can stop ejaculation, your body recycles different components of the semen by itself.


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After two to three years of marriage, sexual satisfaction begins to decline for most couples. Couples can try to rejuvenate their sex life by trying new sexual positions and having sex in a different environment than the usual bedroom. You can use vacation homes, hotels, etc.
more thrusting doesn’t turn your sexual partner on, it causes pain and sometimes injury to both parties, men are at risk of having a broken penis during rough sexual intercourse. When it comes to sexual pleasure, penis girth is more important than length.


The use of lubricants gel is advised for both male and female when men are experiencing penetrative issues during sexual intercourse, it also enhances thrusting and enhances stimulation of the male genitalia in the vagina, reduces friction, and minimizes any feeling of soreness or irritation. Women should ensure to use only vaginal lubricants prescribed by the doctor because some lubricants can be toxic and can cause yeast infections, allergic skin reactions like skin irritation, and rashes for both sexual partners. Artificial lubricants also help to reduce vaginal dryness.

Some household items that you can use instead of artificial lubricants are avocado oil, aloe Vera, olive oil, olive oil, virgin coconut oil, and sweet almond oil. Sweet almond oils moisturize and soothe sensitive skin.

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