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Incredible Health Benefits of Masturbation

by Ken McBride

There is a higher chance that you became glued to masturbation right from your teenage days. Because quite frankly, the moment you realize you something called “orgasm” and better yet, you can achieve it yourself, it becomes almost impossible to stop. And the truth is that no one can blame you.

The whole routine surrounding masturbation is a pretty cool one, right from when you touch your penis, and when you finally hit orgasm.

Well, luckily for you, aside from feeling pleasurable, masturbation also has its sexual perks. Masturbation helps lower your risk of developing certain medical conditions, and also makes partnered sex more enjoyable for you.

So masturbation is good for you, mentally and physically. Masturbation helps improve your sex life, so even if you have a partner, it’s still something you should do regularly.

Masturbation is safe and harmless, so it should be included in your routine.

Here are a few incredible benefits of masturbation and why you should indulge in it right now – obviously not in a public setting.

It Makes You Harder

With age comes a decline in muscle tone and unfortunately, this affects your penis as well. However, having sex frequently or masturbating regularly would help strengthen the pelvic muscles and prevent you from developing erectile dysfunction.

The muscle of your penis needs constant oxygen and masturbating regularly has that effect on it.  When there is a rush of blood to your penis, there is a supply of oxygen as well. So you should masturbate at least four times in a week to see solid results.

It Boosts Immunity

When you ejaculate, you directly raise the level of the cortisol hormones in your body. Cortisol is known as a stress-related hormone, but when released in small quantities, it helps to regulate and boost your body’s immunity. When you masturbate frequently, it creates the perfect atmosphere for a strong immune system.

In agreement with this fact, a study carried out in 2014 showed that men who masturbate usually have more white blood cells in their bodies after about 45 minutes.

It Helps You Last Longer In Bed

Incredible Health Benefits of Masturbation

Most times, you are having a short sex session simply because you haven’t practiced enough solo sessions on yourself to understand how your body works. When you regularly engage yourself in solo sessions, it would help prolong your sex sessions.

You can try masturbating about an hour before you get involved in any sexual activity with your partner, and note the difference.

Furthermore, you can pay attention and time yourself on how long it takes you to reach orgasm. If it takes you a maximum of three minutes before reaching orgasm, on your next session, try extending the time to about five minutes. You should easily achieve double the initial time if you keep at this constantly for a month.

It Improves Your Quality of Sleep

There are so many things on the list that you can do to fall asleep and sleep better. Losing weight, eating certain diets, and yes, masturbation. Masturbation can stimulate quality sleep because it involves the release of chemicals like oxytocin, serotonin, and prolactin to the brain, and these chemicals make one feel happy and very relaxed. Getting this kind of feelings would induce sleep, and even help you sleep better. So, if you are finding it hard to sleep well at night, and you keep tossing and turning, then maybe it’s time to pay a short visit to Pornhub.

It Improves Heart Health

heart checkup

There are so many beliefs out there that having intense or rigorous sex puts you at risk of having a heart attack. Contrary to that, masturbation and regular sex can help improve the health of your heart and prevent you from developing any cardiovascular disease.

A study showed that men who engaged in sexual activities and had orgasms just once in a month had higher chances of developing cardiovascular diseases than those who had about four to five orgasms every week.

So, if you ditch your friends and tell them you need alone time at home because of your health, you technically won’t be lying, that’s as long as you masturbate.

It Can Improve Your Skin

When you orgasm, you send a higher dosage of blood to your skin and this would open up your blood vessels. For some people, opening up of the blood vessels can lead to tinted cheeks or a post-sex glow. Also, the oxytocin that is released helps to prevent and reduce inflammation, if any. What’s better? It can even make rashes and zits less prominent on your face.

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