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IntraMAX Review: How Harmless and Efficient is this Product?

by Jonathan Gravel

Getting to Know IntraMAX

IntraMAX consists of more than 400 healthy and natural components, which when combined, generate amazing health benefits. Specifically, IntraMAX is loaded with vitamins, minerals, enzymes and fiber that have the capacity to solve concerns such as male enhancement. With the loads of nutrients it has, IntraMAX is also capable of increasing the functions of the body’s every system. As a matter of fact, IntraMAX functions way higher than a multivitamin. This is because it has trace minerals and fiber that are capable of supporting weight loss by giving you the upper hand in your appetite. It also gives the feeling of being full, which makes you avoid from eating. What’s more excellent about IntraMAX is the fact that the nutrients in the formula are all pure and natural, so no adverse reactions.

Describing IntraMAX

This health supplement is a creation of Drucker Labs, a known in creator of mostly natural health supplements that create a wide array of health benefits to all kinds of people. It is available in Peach Mango flavor, which actually tastes delicious.

Active Ingredients

As mentioned earlier, there are so many natural components in IntraMAX. Here are some of them:


59 Herbs
35 Fruits
26 Fibers
Aloe Vera
Fulvic Acid
16 Probiotics
27 Vegetables
12 Carotenoids
20 Amino Acids
38 Essential Oils
154 Antioxidents
119 Bioflavonoids
8 Essential Sugars
8 Protein Minerals
12 Macro Minerals
80 Vitamin Sources
14 Seeds and Sprouts
16 Digestive Enzymes
33 Super Green Foods
65 Organic Electrolytes
17 Essential Fatty Acids
71 Organic Trace Minerals

Those people who are vegetarians and vegans will be pleased to learn that IntraMAX contains no meat or dairy products, which makes it suitable to them. Even those who love organic food will love IntraMAX since its ingredients are all natural.

What are the Benefits?


IntraMAX garners many positive feedbacks.
It contains natural components which don’t trigger negative response.
It is suitable for vegetarians and vegans because there are no animal products in the formula.
There are more than 400 components in the formula.
Buying IntraMAX is very simple to do on the web.

What are the Benefits?

A bottle of IntraMAX is priced at $80. This is pricey.
It does not focus its prowess on male enhancement issue.

IntraMAX – Final Recommendation

IntraMAX is pretty prominent from the young ones up to the old ones. Its cost is high, but considering there’s a vast of ingredients involved, the price must be worth it. You can personally try it to experience firsthand the effects of IntraMAX.

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