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Let Us Dive Deeply Into Web Design Trends

by Grace Sianna
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If you like to divulge into web design or just want to have a new look for your existing website, here are some web designs that top white label designers use that are still trending now, and probably will be trending until next year.

Web Animation

There will be a scroll-triggered animation that will be very useful for businesses to use. This animation technique does not require huge amounts of downloaded data. This animation brings out the professional and modern look of the brand of a company. Parallax scrolling and page transitions are still emerging while mouseover effects are also a noticeable trend. Transition technique will be skillfully manipulated by an experienced web developer using scroll feature which transforms conversion points since users will be able to scroll until the contact form part of a business website. This web design also creates a lasting effect for visitors since it is dynamic in nature and it can be used even for logos of a company by creating an animated logo. This will raise awareness for a visitor and make an impact since animation brings colors and can be easily remembered especially with brand association.

SVG Contents

This format is another type of graphics files that will be used mostly instead of the traditional Graphics Interchange Format (GIF), Joint Photographic Experts Group (JPG), and Portable Network Graphics (PNG) photo and image file formats. These SVG files or Scalable Vector Graphics maintains high quality since it does not use pixels but rather vector images including 3D images, 360 degree-views, and Cinemagraphs and any Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) requests are not used by these SVG contents. Cinemagraphs are a combination of a full-blown video and a static image making a quick snippet of the content of a website.

Broken Grid Layout

This design will be useful by making images and text elements drift into each other. Texts and images will be overlapping and be converging artistically creating beautiful websites. Placing horizontal menu on top of your website can still be a good practice but a floating social media bar or creating a hamburger menu is also a trend. Contents laid out in a unique and untraditional way can also be utilized. Page alignments and sizes will be handled freely plus asymmetrical layouts will also be emphasized. Although these untraditional ways of web design are fun to do, just remember that visitors must find important content and information on your website easily.

Flat Design

Let Us Dive Deeply Into Web Design TrendsThis web design is already being used which is very useful for mobile users. This uses minimalism avoiding clutters and focusing entirely on the main theme of your website. Usability is the main goal of using this web design which makes a website quick to load especially in mobile devices which almost all people has already. These flat designs include bright colors that contrast, illustration that is in the centerpiece of the website, images that are simple but not boring to the eyes, and sans-serif fonts that are engaging for any visitors. Since there are fewer data used for a pure flat designed website, it also adds to higher ranking since faster page speed and optimization are very desirable for most search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

Expressively Bold Typography

This a web design that incorporates scaling the size of the typography and relies on the device that will be used by any visitor. Font families such as Sans Serif and Serif will be combined. More weight and spacing of letters will be emphasized with this web design. Negative spaces are eliminated and cleaner lines are included for websites utilizing bold typographic elements. This is a very suitable web design technique since it reflects the brand of the website. It is a branding technique used by large companies such as Facebook with a proprietary font created. Using expressive typography will make a lasting impact on your visitors since it provides better results compared to websites utilizing heavy loads of images that consume much data.

Gradients and Double Exposure

This web design use bright colors extensively. It is created by merging two photos such as a monochrome photo on top of another and adding colored shades to emphasize an artistic approach to the website. It is an “everything goes” attitude and style using a combination of pastel colors, flashy colors, vibrant colors, gradients, and monochromatic palettes. The ultraviolet color is also making headlines as well as black and white solid colors that are still trendy although it can be mixed with the different colors in the color palettes.

Corrupted Images

This web design is another approach in conveying a message to a visitor. Ruined images with glitch effects will be utilized as well as using color channels that will provide the effect of ruined aesthetics. This is an experimental type of web design that will still continue to be seen on most websites.

Floating Navigation Menus

This web design makes it very convenient for users to access the navigation menus of your website since the menus are visually detached and follow your scrolling movements. It provides reassurance of a global object instead of just being a part of a page on the website. It adds visual effectiveness and usability to any visitor.

Internet of Things

More business websites will utilize IoT or Internet of Things technology enabling users to access and connect devices to the internet. A simple interface can be included so that the website will be connected to smart devices which are very useful particularly for mobile users.

Sticky Elements

This web design will consider bottom sticky elements instead of top sticky elements since most mobile users are getting used to clicking elements at the bottom of their smartphones. It is very convenient for mobile users to navigate by clicking bottom sticky elements. This web design is a modern approach to website functionality.

Natural Language Processing

This web design is sometimes referred to as “Voice User Interface” which simply means that humans interact with computers using speech form. Websites will be utilizing voice searches that enable them to quickly understand what a human is asking.  Such examples of these design are Alexan, Cortana, and Siri which can recognize any voice commands. This will be a very effective and efficient way of enticing users with deficiencies to use websites that are very helpful with the use of voice commands.

Seamless Interactions

This type of web design includes micro-interactions that improve communication of a user to your website. Visitors will be able to comment or react or even give a review by using stars such as clicking a 1 star for poor response or even 5 stars that usually reflects the best response. These simple seamless interactions eliminate the need to submit a long-form making it efficient for any visitor to place a review on your website.

Video Element

Let Us Dive Deeply Into Web Design TrendsThis web design element will be much in use to convey a message to a user which a static element cannot do. It makes it easier for a visitor to understand the content of any website when there is a video involved, even a short video, detailing the contents of a particular subject on a website.  Any video can be inserted seamlessly into the web design instead of embedding Vimeo or YouTube videos. Video elements also have higher quality in comparison to GIFs files which can reach higher sizes if there are many colors and details that need representation. Also, videos can be repeated by any user enabling a full understanding of the conveyed message. There are many video elements that can be seen such as interactive videos, 360 modeling, and video maps.

Long Content Form

These web design trends include long product contents that will be very useful for chatbots processing the content of the website. These chatbots are intelligent enough to scan the entire content of a website in search of a particular information. The information or the result will then be returned successfully for the visitor to read. Long content is just like storytelling in order to create an impact on the audience. It matters now, the way marketing and sales team have been doing it, storytelling to entice visitors to become clients and web developers will be utilizing content in such a way that the story will be acceptable to the users. The better story combined with better web development creates successful result to a product which leads to successful businesses.

Secure Web Pages

Security will be the main priority for this web design trend. Most people accessed websites if they trust your website. Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS) which is the secured version of the Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) network communication, will be considered more since it provides protection for any online transactions such as online shopping order forms and online banking payments. Trusted certificates that are updated will be used thoroughly and it will provide a more secure experience for any visitor. All email and personal information will be secured and considered private and confidential so that trust can be gained.

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