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Myths about Sex You Need To Stop Believing

by Grace Sianna

If you think you know everything there is to know about sex, then you are probably wrong. Some of the facts that you may have picked up over the years be true, but others are probably very off. There are many widely accepted truths about sex that are not true at all. In order to give your sex life a boost, you might want to learn the real facts and bust a couple of the myths about sex.

Sex Is Not Necessarily Better When You Are Young

You may have more athleticism, flexibility, and stamina when you are young, which can make for good sex. However, sexually active adults report that they find that their sex life is more satisfying than it was when they were younger. Older people have more experience in bed and tend to be less nervous about sex, which helps you focus on being creative in bed instead of just focusing on what it takes you make you climax.

Additionally, young people often feel a lot of pressure when it comes to sex, which also can hurt your sex life. Older individuals do not feel this pressure; they simply have sex and enjoy it. While there are certainly sexual benefits to being fit, you do not need to be young in order to be in shape and being young also comes with a couple of disadvantages. The truth is that sexually active adults tend to report that their sex life is incredibly rewarding.

Condoms Can Enhance Sex for Both Partners

Myths about Sex You Need To Stop BelievingMany believe that condoms are an unfortunate necessity, but the truth is there is nothing unfortunate about condoms. Correct condom use should not take the fun out of sex. It will decrease your anxieties about STIs and unintended pregnancies. This decrease in anxiety will likely make your erections stronger since weak erections are often a result of stress and nervousness. If you find that condoms are harmful to your sex life, then you are probably not using the right condom. Studies show that your sexual pleasure will increase if you reevaluate what the proper shape and size of your condom should be.

Intercourse Alone Will Probably Not Make a Female Partner Orgasm

Most women require clitoral stimulation in order to orgasm, so if you want to make your partner climax, then you cannot rely on vaginal intercourse. You may be convinced that you are so amazing at sex that your partner will definitely orgasm without fingering or oral, but there is a 75% chance that you are wrong about that.

Women Are Definitely Interested In Sex

For various reasons, people seem to think that women do not want sex as much as men do. Luckily, for all the straight men out there, your female partner probably can experience sexual satisfaction if you know what you are doing. After all, women have a sex drive just like men have a sex drive. While there probably are some differences in the male and female libido, these differences do not mean that women are uninterested in having sex. If you find that you are failing to turn your partner on, the problem likely has nothing to do with her lack of sex drive. She is simply not interested in you at the moment.

You Do Not Need To Ejaculate or Even Have an Erection In Order To Enjoy Yourself

You can actually learn to orgasm without ejaculating. This technique could even allow you have multiple orgasms. Ejaculation might be your favorite type of finish, but most men who have learned about non-ejaculatory orgasms report that ejaculation is not their goal and they can enjoy themselves without it. Additionally, plenty of arousal occurs during foreplay, where men do not even need an erection. You can simply enjoy turning your partner on, especially if your partner is female because women tend to derive significant enjoyment out of foreplay.

Withdrawal Is Not a Safe Method of Birth Control

The withdrawal method is exactly what it sounds like. A man is expected to pull out of intercourse right before ejaculating in order to avoid impregnating a female partner. In theory, it sounds like this method could work. However, about 30% of people who rely on the withdrawal method end up with unintended pregnancies. Many men actually cannot pull out quickly enough. Additionally, pre-ejaculatory fluids often contain a little bit of sperm, so even if you do withdraw on time, you still might impregnate your female partner. Withdrawal also does not prevent STIs, so just use a condom. If you do it right, it should not hurt your sex life.

Size Does Not Matter

Myths about Sex You Need To Stop BelievingOftentimes, men want to have a bigger penis because, apparently, the bigger it is, the better sex will be. Size compatibility might matter, but your penis does not have to be particularly large in order to be of compatible size with your partner. Additionally, if you know what you are doing, then even a small penis can be enough. As long as you are creative, both you and your partner can enjoy sex no matter your size.

Virginity Is Pretty Meaningless Term

For the most part, the status of being a virgin affects how much pressure women feel about having sex, but the virginity status can affect men as well. However, virginity is a social construct. It was used to make sure that women did not have illegitimate children running around who could potentially end up inheriting her money over legitimate children. Later, it was used as a way of saying that having sex with a virgin is more enjoyable, which lead to issues with slut shaming.

Today, when virginity applies to men, it simply puts vaginal sex on a pedestal that it does not deserve. Members of the LGBT+ community, for example, may never end up having vaginal sex, but it is ridiculous for the average homosexual man to feel as though he must feel the pressure of his status as a virgin just because he has never had sex with a woman. The reality is that virginity only puts pressure on people to engage in vaginal sex, but there is so much more intimacy. Losing your virginity is not such an amazing sexual milestone. A better sexual milestone might be the first time you and your partner both orgasm during intercourse.

A good sex life is important for mental and physical health. However, but you should ignore all the rumors floating around about what makes a good sex life. The truth is that, as long as your partner agrees to it, you can decide what you need in order to enhance your sex life. Your partner will also likely thank you if you know the truth about various myths regarding sex.

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