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NatureWise OmegaWise Krill Oil – Can this product be trusted?

by Jonathan Gravel
NatureWise OmegaWise Krill Oil - Can this product be trusted?

It is no wonder choosing a natural remedy can be confusing, especially when there are so many to choose from and unfortunately, so many scams. How are you supposed to know which product does what if you do not understand the ingredients?By letting us do the hard work for you and reading our reviews you are  making this task much easier for yourself. We compile expert knowledge with results from clinical trials as well as extensive research so that you have information you can rely on!Get it right the first time around and ensure a quality product from the get go. Don’t waste your time, effort and money on something that is not completely legitimate.

What is the purpose of the product?

Helping symptoms of inflammation, arthritis and joint related ailments, is a product named NatureWise OmegaWise Krill Oil. The company use the same name and put the GPS coordinates on the label as to allow you to see exactly where the catch came from and where it was harvested for extra quality assurance.It has been proven that omega 3 fatty acids have had significant advantages to the development of the brain and eyes assisting to improve both the cardiovascular system and brain growth.

Ingredients used

NatureWise OmegaWise Krill Oil - IngredientsKrill oil is obviously the key component within this product. There is also contained: Gelatin, Glycerin, Water and Vanillin.The main ingredient is found and extracted from a small fish which is primarily eaten by whales and/or sharks. Therefore, anyone with an allergy to fish (for any other substance stated) should steer clear of this supplement.The advantages of using Krill oil are that it helps to treat the following inconveniences: Heart disease, Flushing out excess blood fats (triglycerides), Burning cholesterol, Taming blood pressure, Stroke, Cancer, Osteoarthritis, Depression and also Premenstrual syndrome (PMS) and painful menstrual periods.Reducing inflammation, lowering body cholesterol levels, and making platelets less sticky so that they are less likely to form blood clots is caused by the decrease in triglyceride.A rate higher than 37% absorption of omega 3 fatty acids known as EPA and DHA which is provided by the 100% “Pure Superba Krill” containment (according to the manufacturer).


When you are paying $40 for a subtle supplement of this formula, you really would expect the best. However, you will only receive 120 soft gels that you must take two of per day in order to experience the full benefits. This means you are getting around a two month supply,which make us say this price is a little high.

To conclude:

Brain strengthA formula that has a higher quantity of the omega 4 fatty acids that are required for the best effects is Optimal Omega and this is the leading brand of today. Backed by clinical trials for its outstanding effects, this product is retailed at only $19.95 per bottle and has a money back guarantee! There is really no arguing with science!

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