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Premium Green Coffee Bean – Can the product be trusted to be the best at its job?

by Jonathan Gravel
Premium Green Coffee Bean - Can the product be trusted to be the best at its job?

The downside of buying a holistic supplement is not being fully confident in its ingredients and formula. If you know and understand what it is that you should be looking for then you can guarantee results and avoiding winding up with nothing more than a placebo. Reviews help the purchasing process and so we have set out to make some based on clinical trial results as well as extensive research. We want to make sure that you claim the relevant facts as to make an educated decision as to which remedy will work best for you and your individual requirements.

What is the product’s purpose?

Premium Green Coffee Bean - FormulaPremium Green Coffee Bean is different to the regular coffee bean as it contains 50% chlorogenic acid. This will help you to start burning fat and lose that unwanted weight without obtaining nasty side effects.

Green coffee beans are unroasted and said to contain high levels of chlorogenic acid which inhibits glucose-6-phosphatase. This enzyme promotes the formation of sugar in the liver and overall the remedy has been made with no fillers for additives to make it as pure and natural as possible.

Made by a US company and manufactured in a GMP-certified lab, this product states that is will even slow the absorption of fat from foods you may eat. It is a dietary supplement that it contains 50% chlorogenic acid in every one-capsule serving which will ensure that you remain feeling great, while losing weight!

Which formula is used?

Lose weightThe full ingredients within this product are as follow: Green Coffee Bean Extract, GCA (less than 5% caffeine) (50% chlorogenic acids).

Other substances include: Vegetable Cellulose.

There are no fillers or artificial substances contained in this supplement.

An alternative remedy is recommended for anyone who is sensitive to stimulants as this product is not 100% stimulant free, despite only using a small amount of caffeine.


You will pay $24.99 plus shipping fees for a two month supply container. Each bottle contains 60 capsules that you must take one of each day. It doesn’t matter if you take this product on a full for empty stomach.

Our conclusion

With any kind of holistic product, it is best to ensure that you are maintaining a healthy lifestyle consisting of a nutritional diet and regular exercise. It is also much more reassuring to have a product that was clinical studies and that is consumers are choosing Flat Belly as scientific evidence shows that it is the best and most advanced formula of today. It only costs $19,95 too! Which is saving a rather large amount of $60 from its usual price. Using a unique blend of potent and natural herbs to achieve results by suppressing the appetite, this supplement is 100% safe to consume and extremely effective. There are no stimulants within this product and so there is zero risk of side effects and it is suitable for everyone!

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