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Procera AVH: Is it going to work?

Aging – there is no doubt about it, when this happens, things start to change. What do we do about…

Aging – there is no doubt about it, when this happens, things start to change. What do we do about it? Well, we could hold out our white flags and surrender or we could seek out assistance that will help us fight off the impact that this could have on our life.If supplements are there to help, then it would make sense to make the most of any product that is specially designed to gracefully carry us through our older years.It may be a little overwhelming for you to try and understand all the different brands, formulas and ingredients, but we are here to help you overcome any confusion you may have and provide reviews that can help determine which product will work best for you. We compile extensive research, results from clinical studies and extensive knowledge of natural ingredients and their effects so that you can trust our information.


The brain enhancement Procera AVH has been clinically tested and proven to be a sufficient herbal alternative to increase cognitive functions including, focus, learning ability, clarity, performance and vigor.In just thirty minutes it has been said that your memory can restore around twenty years of memory by increasing the oxygen and blood circulated to the brain. Depleted neurotransmitters may have previously been caused through eating unhealthy, a loss of sleep, stress or simply aging.A fresh supply of nutrients and vitamins will nourish the metabolism and energize tired brain cells.


Acetyl L-CarnitineThe key elements within this formula are: Acetyl L-Carnitine, Vinpocetine and Huperzine and so abbreviated is ‘AVH.’Alzheimer’s is caused by a deterioration of cells and the Acetyl L-Carnitine helps to reduce this effect and improve the brain capacity as well as performance.The enzyme that removes acetylcholine from the synapse is Acetyl cholinesterase. The brain, in fact, blocks the performance of Huperzine to allow the increase of Acetyl cholinesterase which is why there is Huperzine is used acting as an inhibitor and protects the brain from calcium.A plant-based substance named Vinpocetine is known to solve memory loss, reduced concentration and will increase blood flow and oxygen.Firstly, we can rule out any side effects that may come around with a product that contains any form of stimulants as this supplement is 100% stimulant-free.Because all the ingredients are natural, the product is classed as safe and increases blood distribution to the brain which is said to have a positive effect according to studies that were performed by this company.


The value is okay as far as brain enhancement supplements go and is $35.99 for almost a two month supply of sixty pills. The dosage is three pills per day.


Procera AVHIf you are looking for the perfect option to improve memory and focus then this product is close. However, consumers are opting for something better. Brain Gain retails at just $19.95 and is the leading brand of the market today.