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A Product Review of Arginine Cardio

by Jonathan Gravel

Arginine Cardio Introduction

Generally, the number of dietary products in the market that makes use of L-Arginine continues to increase. This is because L-Arginine has Nitric Oxide, which has several health gains especially its potency to maximize your body’s mechanism to perform more intense workouts. At least this is what manufacturers often claim. That is why the concept of making this ingredient as a supplement on its own came to life. One great example is Arginine Cardio. For interested buyers, this can be acquired directly on the website for a price of $69.95. They also have a deal in which you earn a $10 discount on every bottle acquired if you buy in bulk (3-6 bottles in one purchase).

About its Maker

Arginine Cardio was developed by Dr. Rainer Boger.

What are the Assertions?

Its creator says that this workout supplement is a pharmaceutical grade unique product that contains high levels of nitric oxide that can last over the course of the day. Unlike with other supplements that have increased nitric oxide levels only prior to workouts or training for developing muscles, Arginine Cardio actually has nitric oxide that lasts the day.

Understanding How It Functions


In order to achieve this, Arginine Cardio is completely equipped with high levels of nitric oxide, so that the positive cardiovascular effects can last the day and not just before workouts. Basically, nitric oxide is a vasodilator. This means it aids in the widening of the walls of the blood vessels, so that more blood flows freely with no obstructions. It also transmits signals to the cardiovascular system to restore itself, as well as clean up the plaque from arteries for better blood circulation.

When this happens, you experience a great deal of health gains, such as greater quality of sleep, reduced blood pressure, effectual weight loss, firmer erections and even alleviated joint aches triggered by arthritis.

What are the Potent Components?

Apparently, the main component in Arginine Cardio is L-Arginine. As mentioned, it is an amino acid that transforms to nitric oxide once it penetrates the system. Other components are as follows:

L-Citruline – this is used for making sure that nitric oxide in the body is sustained all day, though the dose is in smaller quantity than L-Arginine.

Additionally, this supplement is filled with essential antioxidants, vitamins and minerals that help sustain one’s general health. These are:

Vitamin K2 – It helps for sustaining calcium in the bones and ascertaining that calcium does not penetrate the arteries.

Vitamin D3 – It helps in the assimilation of calcium and portrays a vital part in guaranteeing a well cardiovascular capacities and inflammatory reaction.

Vitamin C – This helps by giving the body energy. It is also useful when it comes to pain reduction, slowing down aging, sleep quality enhancement and shielding the body from stroke and heart illness.

Folic Acid, Vitamin B6 and Vitamin B12 – These vitamins naturally reduce the homocysteine levels, which could lead to cardiovascular issues.

Arginine Cardio Product Features

The dosage of L-Arginine and L-Citruline has been clinically researched to make the supply nitric oxide last an entire day.
Arginine Cardio is not as costly as its competitors, which is ideal for those with tight budget.
The customer reception is mostly good, which means many customers are satisfied.
It serves as a precursor for the fusion of nitric oxide.
Arginine Cardio helps reduce your blood pressure, securing overall health.
It has the right ingredients to facilitate restoration of the bone.
This supplement also improves the restoration of impaired tissues.

Adverse Effects & Health Warnings

The components in Arginine Cardio should be tolerated by users, so there shouldn’t be any side effects. For your safety, it is better to consult with your physician prior use. It is important to note that Arginine Cardio is not meant as an alternative for medications, but is intended to be used alongside your prescription drugs to get better outcome.

Proper Dose and Usage

Just have one scoop, combine with water and drink 1-2 times per day.

Visibility of Results

You should feel its effects in your body upon your intake of the supplement.

Are there Possible Interactions?

Arginine Cardio won’t interact with other medications.

Arginine Cardio Users

This supplement is ideal if:
You want to boost your physical/athletic capacities and overall performance
You have sexual issues brought by erection problems
If you want to shed pounds
If you’re having sleeping problems and want to improve the quality of your slumber
If you have a heart illness
Lastly, Arginine Cardio is for those who want to be generally healthy.

What Users Have to Say?

preview-full-shutterstock_399419851Most customer reviews document the users’ great experience with Arginine Cardio. One review said that Arginine Cardio helped her eliminate health problems, such as her hypertension, acid reflux, insomnia and most importantly, helped her stay on top of her training or workout routines. It also helped her obtain mental focus and clarity that further motivate her to work harder to fitness and health.

One user reported an increase in his energy levels, as well as a significant decrease in his blood pressure. He reported that by taking Arginine Cardio, his overall health and wellness significantly improved. Not only is it efficient, Arginine Cardio is also delicious, making it easier for consumers to take this product.

Bottom Line: Is Arginine Cardio the Real Deal?

If you’re one of those who want to increase their nitric oxide intake every day, Arginine Cardio is one supplement that you can consider. It stands out among the rest. This is because of its high levels of nitric oxide your cardiovascular and general health can be guaranteed. They also have a good deal when you buy multiple bottles, in which you get a discount. It doesn’t have a money-back guarantee, though, which somehow signifies that the company is pretty confident about their product’s effectiveness.

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