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A Product Review of Icelandic Formula Omega 3

by Jonathan Gravel

Introducing Icelandic Formula Omega 3

preview-full-shutterstock_400222762This particular product invests its marketing efforts on social media, so it’s no wonder if you’ve seen Icelandic Formula Omega 3 on Facebook lately. The supplement has quadruple potency and strength that deliver significant health gains. This includes heart wellness, brain functions improvement and other benefits, while also aiding you to prevent experiencing the downsides from using other Omega 3 supplements.

But all things considered, is this supplement really efficient? Can it deliver based on its claims of efficacy? Read on to find out.

Get to Know Icelandic Formula Omega 3

This supplement got its name from the actuality that the fish utilized in the product’s formulation is caught from Iceland’s cold and clean waters. With this the supplement asserts that by taking the product you’re also reaping the health gains of eating fish regularly, but without the unpleasant effects that come with it, like mercury and other contaminating agents. The manufacturer of Icelandic Formula Omega 3 even touts that this supplement has been clinically proven and tested to be absolutely free from mercury.

Furthermore, the supplement is said to be the sole Omega 3 fish oil that delivers the greatest potency, as well as the greatest absorption levels of EPA and DHA. As a matter of fact, its manufacturer says that it is molecularly distilled and that the pharmaceutical quality of Icelandic fish oil is equivalent to the nutritional content of 8-10 gelcaps of other Omega 3 products.

Given this, the supplement says to deliver these health gains:

Heart wellness – Decreased blood pressure, stable cholesterol levels, stable heartbeat, enhanced circulatory capacities and others.

Joint wellness – Enhanced joint capacities, gives respite from arthritis and other types of chronic inflammation, and many others.

Brain support – Enhanced focus and mental recall, lessened symptoms of depression, decreased ADHD in kids, and many others.

Weight loss – decreased levels of insulin and heightened torching of fat, leading to weight loss.

Anti-aging catalyst – Augmented energy levels, enhanced skin, gives sturdy hair, nails and eyes.

Other health gains – Decreased possibility of some forms of cancers, fortified immunity, enhanced digestive capacities, prevention of asthma and many others.

A single serving of Icelandic Formula Omega 3 contains 1-3 gelcaps, consisting of 3,000mg Omega 3 and 1,500mg of DHA and EPA.

Icelandic Formula Omega 3 Cost and Money-Back Guarantee

This supplement is only offered by the company and is accessible via 4 buying selections:

1 Bottle: $39.95, plus $9.95 S&H.

Buy 2, Get 1 Free: $99.90, plus $9.95 S&H.

Buy 3, Get 3 Free: $149.95, plus $14.95 S&H

Buy 5, Get 7 Free: $239.95, plus $14.95 S&H.

When you choose the second and third selections, you’ll automatically get a free joint cream. If you go for the fourth selection, you will get 2 freebies, which are a joint relief cream and a defense immunity booster.

It doesn’t show any indication that there’s a subsequent autoship program involved after you make your purchase like with other companies. However, we read on the Terms & Conditions that there’s something called a “Preferred Customer Club”, but it wasn’t elaborated on the site, so we don’t know what it precisely means.

Moreover, Icelandic Formula Omega 3 also offers a 100 percent refund policy. Based on the information on their site, you can return opened bottles for a complete refund, less S&H within the 30-day period. Unopened bottles, on the other hand, can be returned without any specific periods, basically just anytime, and they’ll give you a full refund. To start the procedure, call customer support at (877) 845-3925 in order to get a Return Merchandize Authorization or RMA.

Does Icelandic Formula Omega 3 Fare Well Among Customers?

preview-full-shutterstock_126766466This particular supplement is distributed by Viking Icelandic Fourmula. It is mainly headquartered in New York. We also found that this company is not listed with the Better Business Bureau.

Though its URL was listed back in December 2012, we couldn’t find any legit customer reviews. This is for the purpose of further gauging the supplement by reading customers’ opinions based on their experiences. In general, Omega 3 supplements are criticized for triggering side effects like stomach discomfort, poor digestion and for its ineffectiveness. Many customers say that Omega 3 supplements don’t work like their companies essentially claim. It doesn’t mean that you’ll experience the same with Icelandic Formula Omega 3, but it’s worth knowing, so that you’ll practice caution before using the said supplement.

Final Verdict: Is Icelandic Formula Omega 3 the Real Deal?

There are so many assertions made here, but can Icelandic Formula Omega 3 really deliver? Here’s our honest retort: we don’t know.

Our first issue is that even though Icelandic Formula Omega 3’s URL was listed back in 2012, there were no user feedbacks when we we’re researching. The reason could vary, which includes the manufacturer only endorsing it more recently, though we’re not certain of this as well.

Meanwhile, Omega 3 products have proliferated in quantity and have also grown prominent since getting featured on Dr. Oz’s television program back in 2010. On the said program the talk show host said that the recommended amount is 600-1,000mg of DHA/EPA daily with Icelandic Formula Omega 3 saying it gives 1,500mg of DHA and EPA each day. Hence, the said supplement seems to give the suggested dosage, in contrast with other Omega 3 products we have evaluated like Omega XL, omax3, Viva Labs Krill Oil, and Whole Body Antarctic Krill Oil.

However, the product site of Icelandic Formula Omega 3 failed to show a nutritional label and comprehensive list of components. This is a red flag since being a supplement that you consume and taken in by your body, you have to know the specific ingredients in it. After all, the reason why you’re taking a supplement is because you want to be healthier. You don’t want any health risks coming your way just because you took the wrong supplementation.

On a positive note, Icelandic Formula Omega 3 gives lifetime returns for unopened bottles, while opened ones can be returned within a 30-day period with a full money-back guarantee. This gives a sense of security and convenience to customers. It’s certainly something that many companies don’t offer. However their shipping and handling fees can be more expensive than other companies.

So, what is the bottom line in all this?

It’s great that Icelandic Formula Omega 3 has more than enough levels of DHA and EPA, as other products have lower content of these. We just find it strange that the supplement does not have customer reviews online, even though it’s URL has been registered a few years ago. The lifetime returns for unopened bottles gives users a sense of expedience and the full refund policy for opened bottles within a 30-day period seems like a good deal. But the absence of a product label and comprehensive list of ingredients is also troubling. All in all, there are both strengths and weaknesses in this supplement. But the weaknesses Icelandic Formula Omega 3 has are important factors a credible supplement must have in order to be considered worth trying.

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