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Are Quest Protein Bars A Good Source Of Protein?

by Jonathan Gravel

What do you look for in your protein source? Protein is on everyone’s mind these days as we understand what a key role it plays in weight loss and fitness. Protein is the key to unlock the body of your dreams. It keeps you satisfied and full for long periods of time to prevent your insistent and aimless snacking. Many people can get the amount of protein that they need through their food, but for people really training hard or who are always in a rush a protein bar is a smarter strategy. You need to plan ahead for your busy lifestyle instead of setting yourself up for failure.

How to set yourself up for weight loss and training success?

The simple answer to this question is just to be more prepared. You need to find the tools to fill your proverbial tool belt so that you won’t get caught empty handed in a rush and dive into the nearest Dunkin’ Donuts in a frenzy and down a Boston Crème for breakfast.

Protein bars are great nutritional supplements to have on hand, and today we are going to discuss the effectiveness of Quest Protein Bars.

Quest Protein Bars: The Inside Scoop

Ingredients of Quest Protein BarsThe main ingredient in these bars is a whey protein isolate. This is made by isolating the protein from milk products and then moving just the protein to make the bar. Many other bars are made with soy protein isolate, soy isolated from a soybean during an expelling process. The bar contains nuts and other simple, all-natural ingredients also. The protein bar comes in different flavors and is best eaten before or after a workout. If you don’t work out, you can eat the bar as a full and wholesome low calorie breakfast that will see you through all the way

Advantages and Disadvantages of Quest Protein Bar

Improve muscle strengthThe best thing about Quest Protein Bars is that they contain a lot of protein for only 190 calories per serving. They have vital amino acids that are the building blocks to leaner muscle and melt fat. Amino acid don’t just do that though, they also are important to your hormone secretion and support a healthy immune system. The best part about any bar is the ready convenience you’ll never have to scramble again in a pinch if you have these waiting in your cupboard. They contain over 20 grams of protein, which is nearly half a daily requirement. The only customer complaints this bar really had were that people felt the flavors weren’t always that delicious. They liked the taste of other bars better, but liked the ingredients in this one more. The other difficult thing about this bar is digesting it. If dairy doesn’t agree with you this is not the bar for you.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line with Quest Nutrition Bars is that if you are down for dairy, you are down for the deliciousness that is Quest.

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