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A Review of Neuro3x: Is it Safe & Effective?

by Jonathan Gravel

Neuro3x General Idea

This purely natural dietary product touts to enhance your recall, boost your mental lucidity, and heighten your mental performance. With the use of potent focus dynamics, Neuro3x also purports to be a formulation that increases brain health. It enables your mind to further concentrate as it naturally augments the neurotransmitters in the brain. Neuro3x also aids in the more effective storing of newly-learned information.

Understanding How the Product Function

shutterstock_546129427Surely, you’d like to be able to significantly boost your ability to focus. This is what more effective touts to accomplish by giving your neurons protection, increasing delivery of signal to the brain, and sustaining brain capacities by heightening the fusion and release of acetylcholine in the body.

To obtain this, this brain booster involves clinically tested components that are said to deliver plenty of biological neurotransmitter precursors. Simply put, the components in Neuro3x are touted to rouse the development of new brain cells and to aid in the forming of new neural connections. For the latter, it is a course or procedure called neurogenesis.

There list of components is not available on Neuro3x’s official website, so we got the information below from another website:

St. Johns Wort
Phosphatidylserine complex
Bacopa Monnier
Acetyl L-Carnitine
DMAE Bitartrate
Gingko Biloba

Based on the information posted on the product site, this product is only composed of purely natural components that are checked for wholesomeness and strength. The said components are touted be to water soluble in order to quickly reach the brain after being consumed.

The company recommends that you take 1 capsule 30 minutes before eating your breakfast alongside 8 ounces of water. Just make sure that you don’t take more than 2 capsules within a 24-hour period.

Neuro3x Cost & Money-Back Guarantee

The pricing options of the supplement are listed below:

1 Bottle: $46.95
Buy 2 Bottles, Get 1 Free: $98.97
Buy 3 Bottles, Get 2 Free: $134.95

Whatever selection you go for, your purchase includes free shipping.

Neuro3x’s company also offers a 60-day money-back guarantee, less shipping and handling fees. The good news is that this also applies to bottles that are slightly used. But you will be required to cover the fees when you return the item to the manufacturer.

To get started with the refund procedure, you have to call customer support at 855-207-4446 to get an RMA number.

Customer Reviews/Statements

shutterstock_304868180 (1)Most reviews we found online were posted by affiliates. These are the ones who earn money with the commission they get from every sale they refer; thus, they’re resorting to making feedbacks that don’t really come from buying customers. For this reason, it was a challenge to search for legit customer feedbacks.

On the other hand, SupplementCritique wrote an extensive article about the supplement. There, it was discussed how its manufacturer promoted Neuro3x as a supplement that’s capable of boosting your IQ by 77%. The site also said that Neuro3x’s company resorted to using fake news articles and unreal celebrity endorsements using the likes of Will Smith and Tony Robbins. What’s more is that the company also allegedly made up a tweet that was said to come from the creators of the film Limitless, thanking Neuro3x for inspiring the said movie. But of course, Limitless makers wouldn’t tweet something like that, would they?

Also in this article it was noted that the manufacturer of Neuro3x is also the same figure that created Brain Storm Elite, but the company denied this.

Given this, the only genuine feedbacks we found for the supplement were the comments made for the SupplementCritique article. There, some customers reported that they noticed a slight improvement in their ability to focus as long as used consistently. However, said improvement is not as significant as the company makes it seem, plus it took a longer while before customers felt these slight changes.

By and large, it seems that nearly all users did not experience any significant effects from using Neuro3x. Many also reported that it was actually troublesome to process their orders or request for refunds.

Is Neuro3x Effective for Boosting Mental Health & Performance?

We have evaluated so many nootropics before and based on the researches done, both from clinical proof and customer reception standpoint, such products are not really as effective as their companies make it seem. But Neuro3x could be different, or is it any different? Think of the considerations below:

Defining Neurotransmitter Precursors

Just touching the basics, neurotransmitter precursors are the chemical building blocks of neurotransmitters, but remember that they’re not neurotransmitter themselves. They’re just some sort of materials that need to be built in order to become neurotransmitters.

This is vital because while Neuro3x may deliver the standard building blocks for neurotransmitters, they’re just actually chemicals in your system until your body starts to construct them.

Furthermore, Wikipedia explained: “While intake of neurotransmitter precursors does increase neurotransmitter synthesis, evidence is mixed as to whether neurotransmitter release and postsynaptic receptor firing is increased. Even with increased neurotransmitter release, it is unclear whether this will result in a long-term increase in neurotransmitter signal strength, since the nervous system can adapt to changes such as increased neurotransmitter synthesis and may therefore maintain constant firing.”

Simply put, regardless of the chemicals’ presence, and whether or not they can pave the way for the boost of neurotransmitter creation, it does not essentially signify that brain health gains can be achieved.

How Efficient Are the Components in Neuro3x?

The official site of the supplement does not have a product label, nor does it have a comprehensive list of components, which is quite alarming. Also, bear in mind that the clinical proof available confirming the effectiveness of the components is lacking.

As we’ve mentioned in other articles, while some of the components in nootropics have been demonstrated to deliver some positive effects, generally for memory illnesses caused by aging like Alzheimer’s, the clinical evidence concluding that they can dependably increase brain health or performance in healthy people is not adequate.

Final Thoughts on Neuro3x

As mentioned earlier, Neuro3x’s company resorts to unpleasant marketing schemes, which is a red flag. The absence of a product label is another cause for concern, as well as the fact that the components in the supplement don’t have sufficient clinical substantiation. Plus, Neuro3x does not have a very positive online status among customers. Given all these reasons, it is more reasonable to consult your doctor regarding more effective means of enhancing your mental capacities.

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