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Review of the True Slim Tea

by Jonathan Gravel

Introducing True Slim Tea

True Slim Tea is good for the digestive system. Its components, which mostly are natural herbs like Bamboo Lead, make sure of that. It brings positive changes such as diminishing your stomach issues like bloating and cutting down your fat deposits. It also quickens your metabolism. There are two selections – regular tea and extra strength. Either way, this tea is helpful. This was formulated by master herbalist Li-Si-Zhen who changed the lives of other herbalists in the world by compiling the Encyclopedia of Herbs. Plus, it has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration or the FDA, which means it’s safe.

Active Ingredients

Ingredients of the True Slim TeaNatural Oriental Herbs, MalvaVerticellata

Describing True Slim Tea

If you’re already exerting weight loss efforts, True Slim Tea can further help thanks to its herbal mixtures. Of course, it does not, firsthand, enable you to lose weight. But it can help by improving your digestive system. Regular consumption of this tea will boost your bowel movements. This then paves the way for cleansing of the colon and removal of toxins. Suggested dosage is 1 cup after meal. You can go for 2 cups per day. Drinking more than two cups is not advisable. 30 bags of the regular tea cost $4.29 while 12 bags of the extra strength tea cost $2.99. Interested buyers can go to the official site true-slim.com to place an order.


Master herbalist Li-Si-Zhen created this product. He’s a noted herbalist in the industry.

Offers secure payment checkout so purchase is more protected

Availability of international delivery

You have two options to choose from, regular or extra strength tea

Absence of caffeine

Fair pricing


The details surrounding the product are scarce

The company does not provide a money-back guarantee and free trials

The complete list of active ingredients aren’t divulged

There could be contraindications, but it wasn’t even clarified

It would be easier to assess the product if only there could be more details about each of the component

Final Say

Weight Loss TeaTrue Slim Tea is a kind of herbal blend that’s created to promote healthy digestion. Thus, it can also help in one’s intention to lose weight. This effectively does so delivering an improved metabolism, purified digestive tract, and eliminated fat deposits. Plus, it’s available in regular and extra strength types. However, it’s a concern that these assertions are not backed by any clinical research or trials. There’s also the issue that the company did not provide adequate facts and other particulars about the product.


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