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Reviewing the Safety & Effectiveness of Equidren

by Jonathan Gravel

About Equidren

preview-full-shutterstock_548587441Equidren is a fitness supplement that claims to improve your body’s mechanism for growing muscles. It is also touted by its maker as a remarkable anabolic formulation that is comparable to steroids when it comes to its functions and capacities that notably change the body.

This particular supplement is made accessible by an online company called legalsteroids.com. The creators of this product state that anabolic impact should be expected from the use of Equidren, as well as more muscle mass and firmness. This article will further dissect what Equidren is made of, and whether its benefits outweigh the drawbacks, so that it’s more ideal for customers to consider.

What are the Product Features?

The company behind Equidren offers a 100 percent refund policy that customers can use if they find the use of Equidren to be unsatisfactory. On the other hand, it seems that this satisfaction guarantee does not work out for all consumers. There have been feedbacks from some users saying they never gotten their complete refund.

However, it is worth mentioning in order to make customers cautious that the official site of this supplement generates a lot of information that appears to lack verification.

Equidren Official Site

Speaking of the official website, the name legalsteroids.com doesn’t sound precise in any way. They attempt to clarify this by stating that with the use of their products, you’ll be able to encounter muscle development and weight loss comparable to the effects of steroids. This seems to be confusing because, for one, steroids are banned. Thus, the name “legal steroids” is puzzling for customers.

Product Label


It is just normal that when we assess a product we check its product label to see the active components involved in the formula. As for Equidren, its company shows a photo of the supplement’s label, but it’s so tiny there’s no way you could read the words even with the help of a magnifying glass of some sort. Fortunately, we were able to learn that its only active component is Boldenodrol, which is comparable to the prescription drug Boldenone. However, the fact that the label was not sufficiently visible for customers to see says something about the manufacturer.

Moreover, according to the information on the official site, their primary component Boldenodrol is similar to the component Boldenone. They further assert that Boldenone doesn’t have any androgenic adverse reactions such as skin oiliness, acne, or hair loss. But our own study demonstrates that such side effects occur. Boldenone being an anabolic steroid will generate androgenic physical manifestations.

Final Recommendation

The name of the company itself, which is legalsteroids, does not indicate anything good in terms of trustworthiness. There’s also the issue of the product label not being fully transparent for customers to review.

Moreover, a bottle of this supplement is priced at $79.95. This is pretty costly for any anabolic products. Even if there’s a chance of this supplement being potent, customers would still find it expensive, especially since there are others that are also efficient for much lower costs.

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